Sunday, August 21, 2016

Morning Update

Bodie had a really good night and, for the most part, slept peacefully. He has woken up a few times and is totally coherent, able to ask to play with Legos and remember our visitors yesterday. He is cranky, but he is here and doesn't have any apparent neurological deficits. Praise God!!!!

The challenge we're facing at the moment is that, prior to the seizure, Bodie had an epidural cathether in his back, providing continues pain relief with a nerve block. This tends to make recovery from a thoracatomy easier. When the seizure happened, they pulled that line, in case it was the meds running through that line that caused the seizure (we won't know this for some time).

So now, he's without continuous pain meds or nerve blocker - and he's in considerable pain. They're treating it with morphine, which is causing him to itch something fierce (and makes him kinda loopy and sedated while it's at it.) Today, we're working on finding another pain management option that 1) does not make him itchy and 2) does not snow him under.

Please pray we can manage the pain and itchiness, and hopefully get him up and moving later today. We still do not know why the seizure happened (although the med cocktail certainly seems to be our current frontrunner for causes). Please just keep him in your prayers!

1 comment:

  1. Best news of the day! Thank you for updating. I agree Morphine itchiness is a sign his little body is not happy with it.
    Prayers for the right cocktail mix ;)