Friday, June 7, 2024

Step 1 done

Bodie is now safely on ECMO and we're so grateful for that. He did great during the procedure, other than when they intubated him and his pressures dropped too low, so he required CPR for a bit. But the doctor was really happy that his heart bounced back. The general consensus seems to be that we intervened at exactly the right moment, and that his heart wouldn't have tolerated the rhythms much longer. Silver lining for sure.

He's now been moved to a different ICU room, and anyone who's seen ECMO before understands that it's a huge deal and takes up a lot of room. So he now has 2 nurses - one for him, and one for the circuit, to watch particularly for clots and whatnot. Which is good, as he's already started developing clots, so they're going up on his coagulation. Apparently, it's quite the dance to get him to the right place on ECMO. 

Please keep praying fervently for Bodie. There's really no way to sugar coat it. ECMO is very serious, and I am fairly certain the mention of it strikes fear into every heart mom's heart. This situation is very very scary. But Bodie is in the best hands possible and I cannot help but feel that God perfectly orchestrated this situation so that all of this would come to a head right as he was at Stanford anyway. Bodie is so incredibly complex, and knowing that he's under the care of doctors who are at the top of their game in dealing with complexities is such a balm to my heart. 

That said, please please please continue to pray for a hedge of protection around Bodie's entire body, especially his brain! 

1. Pray that his body and brain are safe on ECMO, with no major complications.
2. Pray that they can perfectly titrate the ECMO to reduce the clots already forming without risking bleeding. 
3. Pray that the doctors are able to take this time to very clearly see Bodie's next best steps forward.
4. If his next best step is transplant, pray that they are able to determine that he is a good candidate quickly.

I will leave you with these 3 pictures, in Bodie's honor. I know these first two look gruesome, but if you know Bodie, you know the kid LOVES horror and he loves bloody and creepy stuff! It was such a bummer that he wasn't awake to see the aftermath of his procedure (and I can't wait to show him next week!):
(They cleaned his bed up quickly, I'm pretty sure, but not before I snapped a pic to show Bodie when he comes off ECMO and is awake!)
The room afterwards. Looks a little like a war zone. Bodie will think it's so cool!
Bodie and I on Tuesday afternoon, hours before heading to the ED. I just want my sweet, funny boy back! 


  1. Step by step. Bodie will pull through. Praying! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Jeff and Melissa

  2. Praying with all my heart. Laureen

  3. Amy, Jane & Jack in the desert (who have “the other Dunny” have you and Bodie on our minds and in our hearts wishing great success with this latest health scare - hugs to you both.