Friday, June 14, 2024

Update #1

There was a delay at the donor hospital, but the procurement team saw the heart and officially accepted it for Bodie!

They have now begun surgery on Bodie. Opening his sternum will be the riskiest part as Bodie has had 5 previous sternotomies and there is a high risk of adhesions and scar tissue they'll need to work through.

Once they're through that, they'll begin the process of reconstructing his arteries, removing his stents, etc. so that his body will be ready for the new heart. 

The new heart should arrive in a few hours, at which point they can begin to remove his old heart and put the new one in.

So lots of steps to go, but praise God the heart looks good and will be en route shortly!

Please pray for Bodie, the surgeons and everyone in the room as surgery is now officially underway!

Will update when we know more! 



  1. Praying for you all tonight. From another heart mom.