Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Call

"Well, I don't know what sort of connections you have...
but we have a heart for Bodie."

If all goes well, he will be going back to the OR tonight. 

I know.
I can't believe I'm writing that either!!!

There is still so much that can happen, and reasons the heart might not be the right one (I've seen heart friends go through "dry runs" before, so we know that's always a possibility). 

But we're standing in faith that this is Bodie's heart and God has brought him to this spot at this time because this is the heart that is supposed to be for him.

I will update more as we know more.

In the meantime, please keep praying! 
It is abundantly clear that your prayers ARE WORKING and we need them more than ever now!

1. Pray for Bodie's heart, brain and body to remain stable throughout the day.
2. Pray that this heart is the RIGHT heart for Bodie, and if it's not, that it is abundantly clear to the medical team.

3. Pray that the surgery itself is successful and Bodie is protected throughout (the surgery will be a very long surgery with a lot of risks, particularly when Bodie is already on ECMO so his bleeding risk will be higher).

4. Pray for the donor family, who in the wake of unmistakable sadness and tragedy, has made the decision to give others life.

Thank you!


  1. On my knees praying for each of you. In Jesus’ name
    —-Michelle Bartell

  2. Praying for all of this all day! Thinking of you guys constantly and sending every ounce of good energy we have to Bodhi and his doctors. The whole family sends their love!!

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I WAS UP IN MIDDLE of the night figuring out how to create a flyer to deliver to everyone on 85th St. to pray for Bodie. The caps are me jumping for joy. I love you guys so much. OMG OMG OMG...MIRACLE FOR BODIE
    HUGS KISSES PRAYS love Denise, Chris & Tye
    Wish I was there to wait on you, and with you

  4. To the Donor Family
    What a brave and selfish decision you have made. You don't know it but a HUGE circle of love is being sent to you. If only all of us in Bodie's circle could hold you and comfort you and let you know your precious loved one will have a life thru Bodie!

  5. I am praying for every detail.

  6. Wow - so fast, but thank God for the host family’s ability to be generous during their deepest grief. Bodie has been on my mind since your first blog about him entering the hospital this time and each day I hope he is doing well. Will definitely think of him and all of you as he undergoes his transplant surgery tonight. Love to you Amy and Dusk and Sierra as well as Bodie. Jane Koniszewski

  7. So many standing with you in prayer. God is so good, he is also kind, compassionate, and gracious. All these traits come to mind as I think of Him upholding all of you through this trial. I praise and thank Him that his timing is always perfect, his plan is always for our good.

  8. Karen and I are praying for Bodie right now!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ!
    Please GOD take care of the whole family and the Drs too!
    GOD bless

  9. I have been praying so hard for this!! I have been trying not only to include your family but the selfless act of the donor and their family. May God protect Bodie during surgery and recovery and give your family the strength as well. May God also give strength, wisdom, and the endurance they may need for doing a night time surgery.
    Love you all and may God bless you all during this journey.
    Love, Chelsea & Jeremy