Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Things are getting serious here

Well, it looks like our plan is solidified. Bodie is still stable and in sinus rhythm, thank God, and is definitely taking the transplant route. They're ticking off the final boxes for transplant listing, and will discuss his case today. The goal is to have him on the transplant list within 24 hours.

The team discussed the possible use of either an Impella or a HeartMate Ventricular Assist Device. Unfortunately, because of Bodie's size and anatomy, either would require a sternotomy, which isn't ideal when he's already had 5 sternotomies and we're hoping for a transplant soon. That said, they don't want to rush to either as they believe his wait is likely to short for a heart due to his size, blood type and lack of sensitization. 

So, the plan is to list him for a new heart ASAP, and leave him on Ecmo through next Wednesday. If he hasn't received an offer by then, he will go to the OR to have a HeartMate Ventricular Assist Device placed. 

Yes, you read that right.
No one has a crystal ball, and my mind can't even wrap itself around this process potentially moving that fast.
But the team wouldn't proceed this way if they didn't think there was a reasonable chance he would get an offer in the next 8 days. 


Specifically, please pray:
1. For Bodie's body and brain.
Being on ECMO for that long is so nerve wracking. Stanford is the leader in anticoagulation therapy in this instance, but that doesn't mean this plan isn't without risk. His body has responded so well to ECMO so far, which is why they're comfortable continuing, but clots could develop at any time. Every day on ECMO is a risk for clotting, brain bleeds and strokes. So please, please, please continue to pray for a hedge of security around his entire body, especially his brain! 

2. For a quick transplant listing.
Pray that the team gets everything done quickly to get Bodie listed as soon as possible.

3. For the perfect donor heart to come quickly.
Bodie really needs that donor heart to be becomes available quicker than we even anticipated, to lessen the amount of time he needs to be on ECMO.

4. For the donor family.
This is a tough one. Somewhere, a family we don't even know is about to go through the unimaginable, and they don't even know it yet. Please please pray for them. Let me be clear. We are NOT praying for someone to lose their life so that our son may live. That horrible, devastating loss is going to happen regardless of whether our son needs a heart. What we are specifically praying is that a family, in their greatest time of grief, will make the most selfless decision possible to allow their loved one's organs to give the gift of life to our son.

5. For peace for Dusk, Sierra and I.
This is hard, you guys. We're feeling somewhat at peace mostly because everyone has been praying. But also because Bodie's path has been orchestrated too perfectly to put him in this exact spot at this exact time for it to be anything other than God's ordained timing. That gives us so much peace. And we have SO MUCH faith in this medical team. We know they have evaluated all of the options and are taking this route because this is the least risky for Bodie, given all of the information we have available at this time. We can only see our limited view of our son. They can see the bigger picture, of what they typically see, of the trajectory these kids usually take, etc. And God can see the biggest picture. So please pray we can continue to lean into our team, and into God's plan. And just feel peace in it all. Dusk's brother Paul is here with us now, and that is helping so so much. And please keep letting me know you're praying for Bodie and thinking of us - it gives us more comfort that you know! (Even if I don't have time to respond to your text, email or message, please please send it - every single one bolsters me so much!)

I will leave you with this picture. 
I know it's a sensitive one. 
But as much as I try to focus on the positives here (and I really, really do), this is so very, very serious. And I'm hoping this picture will give you a little glimpse into our sweet boy and how hard he is fighting. 
He's on a breathing machine, and the cannulas in his neck are where the Ecmo is connected, allowing the machine to do the work of his heart and lungs. He is very, very sick and needs all of your continued prayers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued prayers and love!



  1. Have been checking daily to see any updates, and keeping the prayers coming to you, Bennett Family! Every thought is a prayer in itself.

  2. Please give an address , I know Alison wanted to send a card. -Melissa

  3. I have sent your messages out to many of my friends for prayer. Your whole family is being lifted in prayer also with all the Dr’s. Keep fighting! You are loved beyond measure by so many ♥️

  4. Amy, we love you all and are praying for you!!

  5. We continue to spread the word and ask for prayers as you know we too believe in the mighty power of prayer. I pray specifically for your mamas heart in this moment. Everything in your journey has culminated to this moment and our Father has equipped you with the strength to get through this. We are praying over Bodie as if he were our own, without ceasing. We pray for sweet Sierra and all that her young sisters heart has had to endure watching the 3 people she loves most in these states. We pray for Dusk, that his own heart is protected from the stress of this moment. We pray for Bodie to awake and tell the story of his new heart in his own words. We pray for wisdom for his team and precision as they give round the clock care. We pray for the donor and their family, as we know they will endure the hardest thing we have spent many sleepless night imagining. -The Bartells

  6. Amy and family, tears are rolling down my cheek, looking at that sweet face.. I’m asking God to whisper words of encouragement and strength to each one of you..I know your sweet boy feels the love from the three of you and that’s so important.. God will provide what is needed.. love and hugs Jack and Marsha Hill

  7. My love and prayers go out to Bodie and to each of you who hold him so close to your hearts.

  8. We are keeping you close in our thoughts and hearts. We are praying hard for you. Sending you strength, courage and love.
    Gina, Colin & Dylan

  9. The Swanns are lifting you all up in prayer. May God's will be done. May He bring Brodie through this ordeal with complete health and wholeness. May He bring you strength, peace, and comfort during this process. Love Chris and Elaine Swann

  10. Just reached out to my fellowship to have them add more prayers for you. God Speed to all of you.

  11. Praying, praying for all involved or anywhere near him, your family, the donor and family and medical staff!!

  12. Amy, I am sending more prayers and hoping you feel all the love from the universe. I know your support community is huge and that you all are much-loved, but there can never be too much. Take good care, Megan

  13. Nakayama Family is praying for u. Bodie is in our hearts and minds every minute along with all of you. Please hug and kiss each other for us. And give Bodie a kiss too if possible. I'm so proud of Sierra and of course the positivity of all of you. Miracle coming
    The Nakayamas

  14. We are praying for complete healing for Bodie and peace for you all. Dusk’s cousin, Sarah, is our daughter in law.

  15. Praying in Kentucky! God is in control and cannot wait to see how He works! I’ll be checking for updates and praying lots.

  16. We continue to pray for Bodie, the doctors and your family during this time. Bless you all and keep the faith.

  17. Praying for Bodie and your whole family. Know that you are in our daily prayers and that He has you in his hands.

  18. Hello! This was just forwarded to me by my sister, a friend of your friend Julia. I’m in Sacramento and will be lifting up Bodie and your family and the medical team and the donor family. Your faith is beautiful and inspiring. Surely you are being surrounded by angels and led by God through what looks like a valley in the shadow of death. But His victory is yours. Trust in His love for you all. It’s unimaginable but real and true. You are beloved and will be cared for. Xx

  19. I’m so sorry to hear all this Amy, I wish you were closer. Sending love and all good thoughts to Bodie, and your beautiful family. You have always been in my heart. ♥️

  20. Praying in North Carolina! My daughter Alison ( friend of Melissa) sent me your great need of prayer. Having been in a fiery trial of Faith in a medical setting with one of my children.. I give you the same comfort wherewith we are comforted of God!! II Corithinans 1:3-4 Our God is faithful to perform HIS PERFECT WILL. He is using your family at this time to manifest His Glory in Saints of God TRUSTING HIM.. and knowing and manifesting.. the PEACE that passeth ALL understanding. A precious soul was born again in our family trial.. I pray that Bodie in this time.. leads one to Christ!
    God bless and strengthen your family with His Perfect peace.