Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 8 months little hero!

Happy 8 months sweet baby boy! In honor of the big day, I thought I'd include pictures of you with your big sissie, who loves you SO much and can make you laugh and smile faster than anyone around! We are so proud of you and could never have imagined 8 months ago that you would be thriving the way you are now! At 8 months, you're making sure we understand that you are IN CHARGE around here. You're sleeping through the night again (finally!) and we're making progress on daytime napping as well. You LOVE to eat (can I say that again?) - your favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. You're packing on the ounces, but you're still pretty long and lean at 16lb2oz and 27.5in. You're rolling EVERYWHERE - all directions. You so want to crawl (at least army crawl) and your lower body is ready for it - we're just working on getting the upper body up to speed as well. You're getting happier and happier by the day and other than a little stranger anxiety, you're a generally pretty happy little guy. Astonishing, given everything you've been through. You are our hero. And we LOVE you so much!!!

People have given us so many great shirts over the past 8 months and we love putting Bodie in them. Thought I'd create a collage of Bodie's growth through his shirts - enjoy! (You can click on it to see it blown up).
(Top row (L-R): I call the shots, I'm just bananas over mommy, Bee Happy, Chicks dig scars, Instructions not included. Bottom row (L-R): Major Cutie, 100% Good (most of the time), This is what Handsome looks like, Hello my name is McSteamy, Hello my Name is Mr. Adorable).


  1. Happy 8 months birthday Bodie! You are one adorable little miracle. :)

  2. Happy 8 Months to Bodie & Family. Isn't it amazing how each month or milestone that we achieve with our CHD's feels like cause for celebration? Those shirts are adorable - Amy maybe save them and make a quilt for Bodie when he's older? An off to college quilt? :)

  3. Wow, 8 months! Happy Birthday, Bodie! Isn't it amazing how far we've come? Congrats to you mommy on 8 months of breastfeeding. Bodie doesn't realize how lucky he is :)

    Thinking of you always,

  4. My LOVELY Bodie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet!

    I too feel that you are a hero, and never imagined the impact you'd have on ME and my family when I first heard about you.

    I am honored to have gotten to know you, and adopt you as my "nephew". :o) I love you more than I can say, and I BELIEVE that God truly has made you extraordinary to be HIS light and our miracle.

    God Bless You, my baby and keep thriving.


    Nairi, Michael, and kids

  5. Way toooo cute!!!! Love the pics! Keep on truckin'
    Love you all! Erin