Sunday, October 31, 2010

October traditions

October is such a month of fun family traditions at the Bennetts. After months of skipping holidays (Dusk and my birthday to name a few) and spending so many of them in the hospital (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July), it's blissfully exciting for Bodie to be in such a stable place that we can get back to some of our favorite traditions. Praise God for that!!!
One of our favorite October traditions is going up to my parents' house (Gigi and Popo) on the Central Coast to pick out pumpkins and go to a Cal Poly football game. This year, we took both kids to Avila Valley Farms to feed animals and pick pumpkins, but opted to let Sierra do a date night with Gigi and Popo at the football game and keep Bodie home. (We just didn't like the idea of having Bodie in such a large crowd just yet, especially since it was Poly's Homecoming.) Then we went to my parents church on Sunday before leaving town - it was so neat to be able to show Bodie off to all of his prayer warriors and especially to thank them for their continued prayers. The weekend was wonderful - SO MUCH FUN! Lots of pictures to share...

Popo goofing off with Sierra and Bodie:
Gigi and Bodie:
Sierra getting some Gigi time:
The whole fam at the pumpkin patch:
Sierra with Popo (2 of my all time favorite Sierra and Popo pics):
Sierra on her date with Gigi and Popo (the Cal Poly football game) complete with pom poms and kettle corn:
How did Bodie like his "Date Night" with mommy and daddy? We'll let you decide that one...
Bodie decked out in his church duds for Gigi and Popo's church, sporting the sweater vest of course:
Dusk, Sierra and Bodie on a pit stop on the way home from Gigi and Popo's (don't know who was more excited to be out of the car, Daddy, Sierra or Bodie!):

Halloween pics to come, but I figured this was enough pictures for one entry! :-) Hope you're enjoying October as much as our family is!

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