Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Bennetts!

To celebrate, Sierra had a fun party at her preschool and we took both kids to the Harvest Party at the Calvary Chapel in South Bay. Sierra had a blast (especially since we went with her BFF Sofia and Sofia's awesome mommy Val) and Bodie, well, since we brought along his carrots, he was pretty ok with it, too.

Sierra, the cutest little bumblebee ever:

Sierra and her BFF Sofia:

Bodie, the cutest little bunny rabbit ever:
(This was actually Sierra's first Halloween costume - almost can't tell them apart - this was Sierra in 2007):
Tonight, we'll take the kids trick or treating for just a little bit and then stay home to hand out candy to the neighborhood cuties! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


  1. Wow! Sierra and Bodie look idetical in their bunny rabbit outfit! They are GORGEOUS and your pictures are heart warming. I am so happy that you get a break finally. I am VERY happy I got to see my Bodie this morning. God bless you all, Amy. You have a beautiful family. XOXO: Nairi

  2. Oh my gosh- they look so much alike! Definitely two of the cutest bunnies ever. :) I'm glad you all had a Happy Halloween! :)