Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Blessings

Today, we celebrated Bodie's birthday! We just had a few families over, but somehow, even just 10 little ones running around managed to create massive amounts of chaos! It was awesome. :-) Here are just a few pics of the festivities (don't mind Bodie's blue lips - I'm afraid he decided to celebrate his birthday party by having an episode of EAT that lasted the entire party - such a bummer, but unfortunately, just kinda what we're dealing with as we're waiting for his new medicine to build up to therapeutic levels - hopefully just another week or 2 before we see these episodes start to diminish)...

Bodie in all his sweet innocence - LOVE this face...
His "big" present was a new bike from Gigi and Popo - he was So excited!
Seriously, have you ever seen a bike so cute?!?
 The theme was Elmo, so of course mama had to make her "Elmo Cake" (I also made it for Sierra's 2nd birthday) - a big shout out to both Grandma Jan and "Auntie" Dottie for helping me get the frosting situation figured out.
 My side of the family - Uncle Matt, Auntie Val, Michael (& Nicole - still baking, due in April!), us, and then Gigi and Popo.
And Dusk's side of the family - Grandma Jan, us, and Popo Alan. (Have to say, Daddy was not doing a very good job of "sucking it up" and pretending to enjoy the pictures here! hahahaha!)
 Bodie with his cake.
Finally, we let the kids decorate cupcakes. We set up frosted cupcakes and bowls of toppings outside and let the kids have at it. Have to say, it is ALWAYS a hit with young kids. They LOVED it - and we loved that the mess stayed outside - for the most part!

Before the party was over, we just HAD to try for a pic with all of the heart kiddos there - Babs, Bodie, Townes and Michael. Well, we tried. This was the best we could do...
But hey, at least Bodie wasn't sobbing like he was last year...
Babs, Bodie and Townes at Bodie's 1st birthday party...

Happy 2nd Birthday to our little man!!! We love you!


  1. Awe, so wish we could've been there celebrating and helping destroy your house! Love and hugs from the Lihns. Happy 2nd Birthday Bodie!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bodie!! Love the bicycle pictures!! Awesome!!

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