Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Warrior

Our sweet Bodie,

It seems unreal to be wishing you a Happy 2nd Birthday. This has been such a remarkable year. This is the year you defied the odds and did all the things we didn't even dare to dream we'd get to see you do when we first got your diagnosis. This year, you learned to walk and to talk, and to climb and to jump. You moved from a bottle to a sippy cup and from formula to solids to real food. Your energy for life is contagious. The way you squeal when you see trash trucks, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Home Depot or anything remotely related to Veggie Tales is beyond adorable. Yes, you're a handful, but we know your fiery determination is the reason you're still with us today - so we wouldn't have it any other way.

We are so proud of you, of the fighter that you are. Quite simply, you are the strongest little boy we know and we feel so blessed to be your parents. Our hearts are heavy when we think of what this next year may bring surgery-wise, but for today, just for today, on your special day, we don't think about that. We rejoice in how far you have come, from this...
 to this
 to this...

Oh how we love you, our sweet baby boy. Happy Birthday to our little Miracle.

Here's just a little something from us to you. (Make sure to pause the regular blog music to hear the music on the slideshow!)

(If you have any difficulty opening the video, you can see it here!



  1. This video had me in tears. Seeing those pictures of Bodie when he was born. Happy birthday to one strong, amazing and beautiful little boy. Bodie is so lucky to have such amazing parents. Love to you all. Give Bodie a birthday hug from his heart buddy Jake.

  2. Happy Birthday Bodie!! What a very special boy you are!

  3. not gonna cry, not gonna cry........nevermind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BODIE!!

  4. Happy Birthday Big Boy! Your Mama shares all these fantastic stories of you and how lively you keep the Bennett household. You are such a miracle and a blessing.
    Hugs and Kisses
    Lisa & Olivia

  5. Happy Birthday Bodie! Amy, make sure you include a birthday bead in the comments section of his next bead order. What an amazing boy!

    Ashley Lapointe, RN
    Beads of Courage

  6. Happy Birthday Bodie, from a friend of Jacob Baker in West Virginia.

    Becky Goodman
    Milton, WV