Saturday, February 15, 2014

On the eve of FOUR

Our sweet Bodie.

Tonight, you go to bed a three-year old for the last time. Tomorrow, you'll wake up a 4-year old. Some days, we can hardly believe you have battled through so much to get this far. I remember standing over your tiny infant warmer at the hospital, willing you to keep breathing, to keep fighting, to stay strong for everything that lay ahead. It does not escape us that none of that was guaranteed. 

We can hardly believe that was four years ago. You are the strongest, toughest, craziest little boy we know. Three was tough all around, for all of us. Three included 2 major heart surgeries, 2 cardiac catheterizations, weeks of iv antibiotics and 3 serious head injuries (all within 7 weeks of each other). It included lots (and lots and lots) of tantrums. Full scale body on the floor, thrashing, screaming, caveman style tantrums. Over putting on underwear, making your bed, or wiping your butt after going potty. Threes have tested all of us, and truthfully, we're ok moving onto your fours.

But threes have also brought some mighty sweet moments. Learning to write your letters and to recognize your name. Starting AWANA as an official Cubby. Almost learning to stand with the Cubbies instead of screaming for mommy the entire flag time (maybe that will come with 4s?). Learning Bible verses. Schooling mommy and daddy on how to use the iPad. Buying your first baseball mitt. Lots of trucks. Making your first real friends. So many, many, many hugs and kisses.

Bodie, we're so excited for the fours and what they will bring. You're growing into such an amazing little boy. Thank you for letting us come on this journey with you.

Today, at your birthday party, we shared such a special moment. A moment that encapsulates who you are today. 

You, catching my eye, the look of sheer excitement exchanged. Just a moment. A moment of radiant, all encompassing love shared between the two of us. A moment reflective of the hours spent by one another's side, through pokes and prods and procedures. A love only deepened by battling life's journey's together. You and me, bud. In this together. 
And what transpired next. You blowing out your candle…
and then reaching for me…
Throwing yourself into my arms…
excitement radiating through every inch of your body. Too much love, excitement and passion to hold within your tiny growing body.
So much it has to be shared.

THAT is how I want to remember you at three, going on four. As this little amazing boy who wears his heart on his sleeve, who has too much love and excitement to keep inside. 

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet Bodie. We could not possibly love you more, and praise God every single day for His hand on your life and ours.


  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy little man. We are so proud of how far you have come. Always keep that gleam in your eye for Mama, afterall she is your biggest suppporting fan!

    -Love your biggest internet fan :)

  2. I don't think i could love a series of photos more!!!! They just say it all. He is literally bursting with joy and the connection between you two is so apparent. Bodie is such a special kid and you are Momma of the year. Happy Birthday, Bodie!!! Love, dana, mark, lila, frisco and addie