Monday, February 10, 2014

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

They say a picture is worth thousand words.

This one might just be worth a million
Bodie, playing catch with his beloved cardiologist. The same cardiologist who told me at 17 weeks pregnant that our sweet baby had a severe heart defect. The cardiologist who helped get me through a high risk pregnancy with laughter and kindness, who chuckled every time she pressed on my belly with the doppler and Bodie's heartrate would drop, commenting on how temperamental he was even in utero, how much a run for our money this baby was going to give us. Ah, we had no idea.

The same cardiologist who helped us navigate an incredibly difficult interstage period, complicated with multiple admissions. The same cardiologist who has talked me off a ledge more than once over low 02 sats, high heartrate and everything in between (as it turns out, not only is Bodie difficult to manage, but I'm not exactly a piece of cake, either! Ha!). We are beyond grateful for her and could not imagine this journey without her. To watch Bodie play catch with her today, a healthy and robust almost 4-year old, was incredible. So many hopes and dreams wrapped up in that moment. 

Along with a game of catch today, Bodie got a full cardiology workup. Other than the blueness and low sats, all checked out well, thankfully. We're pushing the med change admission to the first week of March, to accommodate everyone's schedules, to make sure we have everyone in the hospital when we need them (i.e. there is no way we are doing this med change without his Electrophysiologist in earshot!). We appreciate your continued prayers for that as we head into it. Lots of nerves all around.

Thanks for being there for us, Dr. Kim, for being by our side through it all. You're truly one in a million and such a blessing from God in our journey.


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