Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First 24 hours down...

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. Bodie is stable! I finally got the chance to see him in the NICU this morning at around 1am (Dusk had been in the NICU with him for awhile, but it was the first time I could get up without feeling too woozy and I wasn't sleeping anyway) and then Dusk and I saw him this morning at about 10am and my mom was able to get in with me this afternoon! He is doing great, under the circumstances. His oxygen saturation levels were alarmingly low yesterday, but either the machine was off or something changed, because they leveled out. He is still at Cedars since there have been a few unplanned HLHS cases coming into CHLA, so there are no available beds at CHLA right now. I think they're still hoping to transfer him tomorrow, but it depends on bed availability.

Bodie is stable, but they've had difficulty getting a central line in him (apparently, it's not an uncommon problem with newborns). They've managed to get 2 iv's in his hands, but they're just not as stable as a central line. They've tried a couple of times unsuccessfully, and don't want to risk trying again. So the next step is to bring in a surgeon and surgically put a permanent line in. It sounds like that's our best option - I think they're planning to try that tonight. Also, the meds he is on can cause problems breathing, so we expect him to have to be intubated at some point before he's transferred to CHLA. They did a scan of his head last night and it showed NO abnormalities! Praise God! (things could still come up, but it's definitely a good sign that nothing has shown up yet!!!)

I'm doing well - recovery from a c-section is definitely a different ballgame than recovery from a vaginal delivery, but I'm already up and around walking, albeit slowly - pain meds are wonderful! I haven't seen Sierra yet, but I hear from my mom and dad that she's really excited to have a baby brother! Since Dusk is sick, he can't be in the NICU any longer, so he went back home to be with Sierra and my mom is at the hospital with me.

Please continue to pray hard for Bodie - he has a tough battle ahead of him and will need all the love and prayers he can get to make it through!!!


  1. Continued love and prayers for each of you. Sounds like God intervened on the oxygen!
    Love Karen

  2. Praise the Lord!

  3. God is good....all the time!
    Thinking of you;praying for you!!
    Love you guys!

  4. I have been so anxious to get online and see how things are going. Congrats on a beautiful baby boy..Still praying for the good news to keep on coming.

  5. Still praying sweetie! You are just amazing! Keep keepin on!