Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little better...

And the roller coaster continues! After a rough time post-closing, Bodie is doing much better now! PRAISE GOD!!! He's still dependent on lots of meds, but is stable! His sats have come up a lot and he looks much better. And it was so beautiful to see his chest closed and to know that he's past that stage! The surgeon who closed him really did a great job - it looked wonderful!

The next few days will be spent very slowly weaning him down off his meds, so we could really use your prayers for Bodie, that his little body tolerates the weaning and he gets used to his new altered physiology. That is really our next big hurdle - once that's done, we can start looking forward to holding and feeding him! Pray also for rest for Dusk, my mom and myself, as the constant driving back and forth to the hospital is starting to take a bit of a toll on all of us.


  1. Praise God...we will continue praying for all of you!

  2. Praise God, indeed. Bodie is doing beautifully, and while I can't imagine what this feels like for you, and I am overwhelmed when I try to imagine... I do feel a certain calm, and I know there is an overwhelming chorus of prayer for Bodie. He is certainly cradled in God's hands, and was given to the most capable, amazing, loving parents he could have possibly been blessed with...

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that we can't thank you enough for keeping us posted on what can so easily be internalized. You are amazing, and you allow us all to know where the prayer should lie. So proud of you!

    Team Bennett! :-)

  3. Dusk and Amy, I can't imagine how tired you must all be! Just having a baby and going home is exhausting. Thanks for letting us know what you need prayer for. Wish I could drive for you, clean your house, make some food, play with Sierra, something!!! Distance is such a problem.

    You are an encouragement to us all. Really amazing through all this; Bodie and Sierra are blessed to have you for mommy and daddy. We love you guys!
    The Fullers

  4. Praying for rest and Peace! You all are constantly on my mind!

  5. Libby said it perfectly!!! Thinking and praying ALWAYS for all of you.

  6. Amy, thanks for keeping us all up to date and I am glad Bodie is doing well. I will pray for rest for you and your family and continue comfort for Bodie as he continues this journey. You are an amazing mother!! PS give hugs to Sierra as she is such a sweet big sister! Nicole

  7. Thinking about you guys often and praying for your little man!