Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our brave fighter

Bodie is doing SO well!!! My mom and I spent a few hours with him at the hospital today - he's such a cutie pie, even recovering from open heart surgery. He's still completely sedated, but they were able to stop the paralytic and significantly reduce the nitric oxide and his oxygen sats stayed high! YAY!!!! His nurse is really happy with how well he's doing. God willing, we won't see any changes and can sleep a little better tonight!

While we were there, one of the head cardiologists stopped by to talk to us and also seemed really happy with Bodie's progress. He said that on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst that kids come out of the Norwood surgery), he'd put Bodie at about a 4, so definitely better than average! (Our nurse piped in that she didn't even think Bodie would be that high if it weren't for his low sats!) We also had an opportunity to talk to him at length about all of our questions and it was a really helpful discussion - our timing was perfect.

All in all, today went great and Bodie continues to be stable. Please continue to pray for him over the next few days. We have crossed the 24 hour mark since the surgery and that's a big hurdle. Tonight and tomorrow they'll work on reducing his fluids (he's pretty puffy at the moment) and then, if all goes well, they'll close his chest Thursday and then the real test comes - they'll start lowering the meds he's on and see how his little body responds. So, he definitely needs your continued prayer!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers as you've walked this journey of faith alongside us. It has meant more to us than you know that so many of you have offered to help us and have told us that you're praying for us - it has given us such peace. We are so hopeful that God will continue to heal our little miracle boy over the the days and weeks ahead.


  1. amy, you are all still in our thoughts and hearts and we know that little bodie of yours is quite the fighter! stay strong!

  2. Yay! Excited about today's GREAT news. Praise God!

  3. thanks for sharing the good news! what a relief. i feel like i can sleep better tonight now too :) baby B is miracle embodied. let me know when it's a good time to fix another meal for you guys, not that i cook very well, so feel free to turn me down. hope dinner turned out OK tonight though. and your mother is darling. love you!

  4. YAY GOD!! This is such exciting news, thank you for sharing it all so quickly. Still sending oodles of thoughts and prayers and love your way!
    Hope Sierra is doing well sharing you and waiting for her baby brother to come home!

  5. I cant express the joy I feel when I read about how well Bodie is doing. The prayers are never ending! Hopefully it won't be long until he is in your arms!

  6. Everyone in Babyline is bubbling with joy over Bodie's progress. I feel as though my heart is being continually fattened with God's love for your family. Give Sierra a kiss from all of us!

  7. Praising God everyday for His continued hand of mercy! What a blessing that Bodie is doing so well, and I must agree, he sure is a cutie!
    Praying for strength for you and Dusk, Understanding for Sierra, and healthy recovery for Bodie!
    Love ya
    Sharon Lewis

  8. We're so excited for you all! Still praying for wisdom for the Drs treating him and that Bodie responds well to their decisions. Been wondering how Sierra is doing with all this? Stay stong Dusk and Amy! Love, Erin

  9. Amy, you don't know me but Amy Rising grew up across the street from us. I saw your post on Amy's facebook page. What a blessing God has given you in your beautiful baby, Bodie. We are praying for increased strength and a full recovery for him. Who can fathom the wisdom of God? None of us, I am sure, but His grace is so evident. Praying for you and Dusk the strength to endure this hard time and come full circle to a joyful new day with your sweet boy. God bless you all.

  10. Amy, it's Cierra, your nurse from the first night (I hope you remember me) ;) I just got home from GA and I'm so happy I had this email from you so I can check on little Brody! And I'm soo happy to hear that he is stable and everyone is so positive. Please know that you guys are all in my thoughts and prayers and that meeting you and your family will stay with me. You guys are so strong and I know that your Brody is gonna be strong just like you guys! You have all of my best and I will look forward to hearing more news! In my thoughts,
    Cierra Lukers