Friday, February 12, 2010

A week of lasts

What a week this week has been! I had my last perinatologist appointment, my last OB appointment, my last non-stress test - and my last day of work!

On Wednesday, I had my last perinatologist appointment and all looked good. One of the things they really worry about with heart babies in general is growth restrictions, but baby is growing right on target! The doctor was really pleased with baby's growth and seemed genuinely surprised we had made it to full term. He actually said he was really impressed and that I did a good job. :-) We all know I didn't really have anything to do with it, but it was nice to hear him say it! He estimated baby's size on Wednesday to be around 7lb 2oz, which made him really happy. I told him I was hoping for a bigger baby, but he said where baby is at is optimal for surgery and that I should be happy as well. So, baby staying in a bit longer at this point is just gravy to get baby bigger!

Then, on Thursday, I had my last OB appointment and non-stress test. The nurses were laughing because the baby's heartrate was its usual super low 95-105 most of the time, until they came in and started talking about the surgery - as soon as the word "surgery" was mentioned, the baby's heart rate shot to 140! It was really funny. The doctor checked me and said my cervix is soft, but still closed, so that was a relief. I've been having A LOT of contractions (they were so bad Tuesday night, I thought we were going to have a trip to Labor & Delivery), but apparently they're not doing too much. Since Sierra didn't want to come out either, I can only assume I have a really nice, warm, comfy uterus!

Then, I had an interview with a pediatrician last night and that went well. Unfortunately, we can't use Sierra's pediatrician as much as we'd love to (we LOVE her), because we'll need baby to be routed to CHLA in the event of an emergency, and Sierra's pediatrician is in the Torrance/Long Beach Children's Hospital network. So, we had to find a new pediatrician for this baby that will allow us to continue seeing the cardiologist I've been seeing my whole pregnancy - and put is in the CHLA network. I really liked the one I met last night- and she has another HLHS patient (a 1 year old little girl) and other CHD patients, so I feel like we'll be in good hands!

Yesterday was my last day of work and it's so weird to be out of work now! I was running around like mad yesterday trying to get my office cleaned out for our temporary CFO to cover for me while I'm on maternity leave. My work was so great about being flexible - and I'm excited I was able to work all the way up until my due date!!!

So now, we're just trying to relax and get last minute stuff done between now and Tuesday when baby Bennett makes his or her arrival! Please keep praying for Baby!


  1. Glad everything went so well. Wow, Tuesday! Good luck hun, I will keep you and baby Bennett in my prayers.

  2. So glad to hear such great news. Thinking about you and the little one lot's these days.

    My prayers are with you and baby....

  3. Much, much love to you dear Amy. Our prayers will be with you on Tuesday!
    Karen and the Babyline Prayer Team

  4. Thinking of you sweetie. Still praying for your miracle! (((HUGS)))