Sunday, February 7, 2010

A view from the outside

Since I'm too cheap to splurge on a professional photographer, I enlisted Dusk's help to take some pics of the baby belly today (at almost 38 weeks), and these were our best ones...

And my personal favorite...Sierra staking her claim to her "lil sisser" - She has been adamant since the beginning that this is a girl. We try to explain to her that it might be a boy, but she won't hear anything of it. She won't even let us discuss boys' names in front of her, saying she doesn't like any of them, because she wants a "lil sisser"! What a silly girl...


  1. What true beauty! Thank you for posting these!!

  2. You look fantastic! I love the one with Sierra as well. Too cute!

  3. I pray that you will soon be able to look back on these days of hope with wonder and amazement as you watch Sierra and her baby sister/brother happily playing together after successful surgeries and God's never ending love for all of you.