Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rough time closing our little guy's chest

The good news first - Bodie's chest is now officially closed!!! One more step down! YAY!

The not so good news is that it didn't go quite as smoothly as we had hoped. He took a dip right after they closed him (his blood pressure dropped, his sats dropped etc.) :-( Our poor guy. So, they put him back on everything they had weaned him off of (the paralytic, the epi, the nitric and the pacemaker) and he seems to be slowly doing better. Our nurse said it's not unusual to have this kind of complication and that something they're doing should help him through the transition. She also said she thinks he's dehydrated and is really hopeful that increasing his blood volume via infusion will help considerably. So he got a blood transfusion as well - and it was a directed donation - which means it was donated by one of our faithful and generous friends who responded to our request for blood and platelets for Bodie!!! Thank you!

So, definitely not the good news we were hoping for (it's so true that having a heart child is two steps forward one step back), but at least they got his chest closed and we're trying to focus on that and remain grateful for that step. Since this is so similar to what happened to Bodie after the surgery, we're hoping it's just how the poor kid's body responds to major changes like this. But we're of course really worried about him - so please send up some extra prayers for him today!

I will update once we know more...


  1. OH Sweetie,
    I will definitely continue to pray! You hang in there! I know it's rough and I know that you feel helpless. But I also know that you have God and you are letting him have control and that's the best thing you can do! I really wish I could be there in person to give you a big hug!
    Fervently in prayer for your family and especially Bodie,
    Sharon Lewis

  2. Amy, I have learned over the years that we need to celebrate the tiny steps. Working with special needs students has taught me that lots of tiny steps can get you very far. I am so amazed how strong you and your family are. I am looking forward to hearing of more tiny steps for Bodie on this challenging road. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  3. When we sat down with the peds Dr's and the peds cardiologists, they warned us that we will never feel like things are going fast enough. A heart baby means small steps...yes, at times it is two forward and one back....and a lot of waiting to see what is working. I am glad his chest is now closed. You are getting so close to having him in your arms and I know that will help heal him as well. As you said, this just might be how is body responds and heals. Thank goodness they didn't have to reopen him up!

    As always, the prayers are never ending!

  4. Amy ~
    Thanks for the updates it helps us know how to specifically pray. We are praying and eagerly await the next update. Praying for His Grace to surround you all. We LOVE YOU BIB! (that's what Josh and Joyce have nicknamed him)

  5. May our faithful and loving God, the great physician, heal your son Bodie and strengthen and encourage you. We will keep praying as we have been all along. Carolyn and Peter Thom