Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ablation is Underway!

We got a call from the cath lab a little while ago. As it turns out, not only were they able to induce Bodie's EAT, but they were also able to locate it, start and stop it. This is huge

As Bodie's Electrophysiologist explained this morning, it was pretty unlikely that he'd be able to induce Bodie's EAT, because it is just so.stinking.unpredictable. BUT, if he could induce it and get it to stay long enough to figure out where exactly it was coming from, he thought it was highly likely he would be able to ablate it.

So, that's where we're currently at- they've triggered the EAT, located the source and are now in the process of trying to essentially kill the node of the heart that's causing Bodie's EAT. We know it's not a guarantee that they'll get it (or that it won't come back there or somewhere else in his heart at a later date), but it would be such a HUGE answer to prayer to at least get rid of it for now and not have it be an issue for his Fontan. 

So, please keep those prayers coming as the docs are doing a very delicate procedure on our special little guy's tiny little heart. 


  1. That is FABULOUS NEWS.... Am praying for Mr. Bodie right now!!!

  2. Bodie's Guardian Angel is working with the Doctors.
    Bless his little heart.

  3. Praying for Bodie and his doctors. Praying for you, Dusk & Sierra too!