Sunday, June 2, 2013

Of little girl dreams and fairy dust...

Look out world...somebody just lost her first tooth yesterday!!!
 This little girl has been jonesing to lose that tooth since school started and she could not be more proud or excited to have that sweet gap in her mouth now.

As it turns out, her little brother is pretty excited for her, too. He couldn't wait to give her a congratulatory hug.
The tooth fairy paid us a visit last night, and left a $1 bill (yeah, yeah, I know - we googled it and it turns out $2.50 is the "going rate" now for teeth with lots of kiddos getting $5 or $10 (a tooth?!? Is that crazy or what?), so apparently we are our tooth fairy is cheap, but whatev - luckily, Sierra doesn't know how to google yet, so she was pretty happy with the $1 bill) and a whole lotta fairy dust in Sierra's special tooth pillow (thank you Gigi for the awesome pillow!). The fairy dust was quite the hit. :-)

(Oh and, let's just say, after watching her agonize over pulling that stinking thing out for days, I totally get why my generation's parents just tied a string to the tooth and slammed the door shut - trust me, that would have been less painful than watching her sloooooooowly loosen it! Ha!)


  1. When the tooth fairy visited my boys (now 17,18 & 18) he would sometimes forget he was in the US and would leave coins or money from other countries. We have money from the Bahamas, Afghanistan, Mexico and Canada. He also left a little American money too. We had fun seeing were all the tooth fairy had been.

  2. Congrats Sierra on your first lost baby tooth!! The going rate in our house is $1 per tooth as well. $5-$10???? Ummmmm no. LOL!!!