Tuesday, June 18, 2013

EP study is complete!

Bodie's EP study and ablation are complete. We just finished meeting with Bodie's Electrophysiologist. It's pretty complicated, but he seems pretty confident he successfully ablated the node that was causing Bodie's prolonged episodes of EAT.

When they finished that part of the ablation, however, they did catch another part of the heart that was generating short runs of EAT (2 beats or so at a time). They were not able to ablate that node.

So we're kind of in a wait and see mode for now. If that second spot just remains in the 2 beat intervals, it'll be a nonissue and the ablation will have been completely successful. If however, the intervals become prolonged on that 2nd spot, we'll have to reassess.

Because we don't know what is causing Bodie's EAT at this point, we don't know what camp we'll fall into. Either it was a one time thing (likely due to CHD in general) or it will be a reoccurring problem (likely inherited from Dusk as part of his left ventricular non-compaction). We plan to do genetic testing in the near future to try to get a better idea of that. For now, we wait.

But, in the words of Bodie's EP "Bodie's ok and we may have made him a whole lot better today."

That, we will gladly take. Oh, and no more Atenolol or Amiodarone!!! Praise God!

We haven't seen him yet (they say he's still sleeping), but hope to see him soon!

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  1. Wonderful news over all. My prayer is that everything else will work itself out and that you all have peace in the meanwhile! So excited for the huge miles stones so far. :) God Bless!

    ~The Lewis Family

  2. Yay, yay, yay and more yay!!! So thankful with you guys for all the great news today.

  3. Yay!!! Great news! Praying for a one time occurrence. {{{HUG}}}

  4. Such awesome news! Thanks for your great updates :) God is so good and that boy of yours is stinking adorable!