Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Dirty Details

So. Bodie's cath is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 18th. As of right now, our call time is 7:30am, which means we need to be there at 5:30am (yes, for those of you who know where we live, that means we'll be leaving around 4:45am - lucky us! but let's face it, we all know Dusk and I won't be getting any sleep anyway!) They're going to call to confirm on Friday, but if all goes according to plan, we will be the first and only case on Tuesday morning.

Around here, we're pretty blasé about caths, because, you know, they're so non-invasive. Which begs the question - non-invasive compared to what??? Sure, noninvasive compared to open-heart surgery. But, let's be honest, being hit by a mack truck is noninvasive compared to open-heart surgery. There aren't a lot of things that seem gnarly when you're comparing them to OHS. But I digress. His cath will be less invasive than OHS for sure. But it's not without risk.

Here's how it should go down. We'll get to the hospital (Bodie will be allowed clear liquids/water up until 2 hours before his call time, so hopefully, he won't be too grouchy) and hang out in pre-op for awhile. They'll give him one final check to make sure he's good for the procedure, then give him some Versed (otherwise known as "happy meds"), which should make him feel like he's drunk to hopefully make the transition a little easier. Too bad they don't give it to the parents as well. :-( I don't know whether we'll be able to walk him all the way into the cath lab, or hand him off to someone outside of the cath lab. Either way, hopefully the Versed will take the edge off and make handing him off easier for him (there's no amount of meds in the world that would make the handoff easier for us). 

Then, they'll completely sedate him and put the lines in. He'll have lines in his neck and his groin I believe. They'll insert a long, flexible tube (catheter) is into the veins and guide them into the heart, allowing a close look at the structures inside. Once in there, they'll inject dye into the heart, observing blood flow and calculating all pressures within the heart. This will give them a good idea about whether Bodie is actually a good candidate for the Fontan or not (we're all hoping and assuming he will be, but we won't know for sure until they do the cath). At this time, they may or may not coil any large collaterals they see that they believe might hinder the success of his Fontan surgery.

At this point, the diagnostic part will be done.

Then, his Electrophsysiologist will step in. He will use the same catheters (I think) to try to induce Bodie's EAT. If he is successful, then he will swap out the catheters for much larger ones to attempt the ablation. During the ablation, he will attempt to locate the node causing the EAT. If he is able to find it, he will attempt to ablate it (essentially to cauterize or burn the node). If  he is successful, he should be able to tell us the likelihood that it will return. Are you sensing a reoccurring theme? If if if. Doesn't sit so well with my OCD-must-be-in-control temperment. Ah, well, if Bodie has taught me nothing else, it is that my sense of control is all an illusion. Good thing I know that God  is actually the one in control, not me!

After that, Bodie will be brought back to post-op recovery, where Dusk and I can see him again. Then, the really fun part starts. We will have to keep him calm and as flat on his back as possible for 6 hours. Yes, you read that right. 6 HOURS. Anyone who knows Bodie and has seen him in action can stop laughing now. It's not gonna happen unless we get a miracle. So, let's all pray for that. 

We are told that everyone expects it to be an outpatient procedure. Everyone, apparently, except for the scheduling lady. When she called this week, she mentioned offhand that they'll have a room ready for us. Awesome. Guess I'm not the only one prepared for Bodie to be unpredictable. Going home Tuesday night sure would be awesome. But at least we (and they) will be ready for Bodie to stay overnight if need be. We should be discharged Wednesday if that happens.

During all of this, Sierra will be staying with her close friend Riley and her awesome family. It will be Sierra's first sleepover! Thank you to the wonderful Phillips family for helping us out - we love you guys!

As you might guess, we seriously covet your prayer right now. And, if you're in the habit of liking to know specifically what to pray for, here is a handy dandy list:

1. That Bodie stays healthy until the cath. Please no last minute bugs for him!
2. That nothing else causes the cath to be rescheduled.
3. That he is able to be handed off easily.
4. That the diagnostic part of the cath goes smoothly (please no cardiac arrests this time around!!!).
5. That the diagnostic part of the cath reveals that Bodie is an excellent Fontan candidate (no surprises please).
6. That the ablation goes smoothly - that Bodie's EP is able to trigger the EAT, isolate the node and ablate it.
7. That Bodie sleeps through most of his recovery, and wakes up happy - and that we are able to keep him calm during post-op.
8. That we get to go home Tuesday night.
9. That Bodie's recovery goes well. We expect there to be bruising and some grouchiness as he recovers - pray it doesn't last long!

Thank you so much for praying for our little man - it means more to us than we can possibly express!!!



  1. We'll be praying, Amy!!! ~the Borgeson Family

  2. ((Hugs)) Sending thoughts and prayers Amy!!! <3

  3. they didn't give avery any happy meds the morning of her cath and IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!!!! she did lab work like a champ but when it came time to put on those darned hospital pj's she had a complete meltdown. terror in her cry like I've never heard before :( then there was the hand-off at the cath lab doors. UGH. MEDS ARE A MUST!!! I've talked to our cardio nurse about this and she just ASSUMED it was a given w/ the older kids. it's not!!! (though i'm sure your hospital is different and i'm doing that I can to make our hospital different in that way!) all that aside, the cath was way worse than I had anticipated :( lots of emotions I had forgotten about. ughghgh. our fontan date is 2.5 wks away and avery got a runny nose last night SO i'm waiting for a callback from the CT office. praying for all these little hearts <3 hang in there!!! OR I could say something like "he'll be fine" or "i'm glad this is his last surgery" or "I knew somebody once who's cousin had this too and he's fine now" LOL!!!

  4. It is so comforting in so many different ways to read blogs by other heart moms. It adds a sense of normalcy to my life reading other mom's thoughts :-) My son is 8 and just went for his 3 rd cath in January-last one was when he was 9 months old. I wrote about it on my blog and wanted to share the stories in hopes that they might help ease your worries a little. There is a part in there about the recovery room that might be helpful. We'll be praying for you all. Kristen

  5. Hugs and much love your way from us! Does your hospital keep the kiddos overnight if they do the ablation and coiling just for monitoring? I'm hoping you have a once in a blue moon moment with Mr Bodie and he chills for most of the down time :) Lots and lots of movies...maybe, just maybe?

  6. I love that you care deeply about his feelings and don't take anything for granted. I know in my heart everything will be fine because he has you for hugs and kisses to make everything all better.
    I will Pray for your peace of mind and all your special requests. I promise. :)

  7. Versed is wonderful. I'm not sure I could hand Mason off if he were screaming for me...

    Praying for the cath <3

  8. So praying for your peace and comfort....most of all for your little man to come thru with flying colors!
    Melanie von burg

  9. Good luck to Body! He is adorable and I wish him well. Smooth recovery. Bring the iPad to keep him occupied on his back for 6 hrs. The time will pass fast. Been there, done that with a 2 yr old, too!

  10. praying with all of you and for all of you. amazed at God's power in you through all of this. my heart goes out to you. am in awe of God's glory magnified through you. God bless and keep all of you. with hugs and love in the name of Jesus our hope, joy and breath of life.