Friday, October 25, 2013

The Heart's not the only thing that's healing.

9 weeks ago today...we were here. Bodie was so upset by his scars that he wouldn't even let me bathe him with the lights on. He could cry when he looked at them. He was so ashamed. My heart was breaking for him.

Today, when I picked him up from school, he was surrounded by his little friends. Apparently, he was showing off his scars to them

Seriously. A bunch of 3 and 4 years old standing around staring at my son's scar marked chest.

When I asked him why he did that, he looked at me incredulously and said "Mama, because they haven't seen my scars yet!"
Well, duh.

I think this gives a whole new meaning to the concept that scars are cool. The upside is that at least he's not ashamed anymore. The downside is, his buddies are going to be having some interesting conversations with their parents over dinner tonight. Thank goodness it's almost Halloween, so at least his timing is good.

Man, this kid has come a long way. 

He still has a lot of blue days mixed in with nice pink days and he's still not quite where we'd like him to be post-Fontan, but for today, I'm calling this a victory. Praise.The.Lord.



  1. Does Joshie Doll need scars added? I would be more than happy to rescar him if he needs it. :)

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    1. I just wanna tell you that my mom use to go into my classroom and do and fun and educational presentation to help my classmates understand why I have scars and why my heart is different than theirs. I'm really glad she did this because it's one of the main reasons why I wasn't ashamed of my scars and my heart. It taught me that my heart and scars are beautiful. :) Looking back as an adult with HLHS I am so happy she did that for me.

  3. You know, I would have never even thought about a little child being ashamed of their scars. But, that is so real. You can understand completely. Scars are not supposed to be there. How touching your blog was today. I felt so bad for him...........then, I read the rest of it where he was showing them off. Isn't that just like a child. One minute feeling one way, and then all of a sudden, feeling the other way. How wonderful for him. I am sure he was very interesting to the others around him. He has realized he has something they do not have. So sweet.

  4. Scars make the man!
    Wear them proudly Mr. Bodie!

  5. Praise Him, indeed! I love this post so much, Amy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Bodie! How are ya buddy? Did you know that I have a big scar on my tummy from my operation? If you are proud of your scar then I'm proud of mine too!


    Mister George in Annapolis