Friday, March 1, 2013

All hail the Dilaudid

Well, I had to get the charge nurse involved, but they got some Ativan on board, which Dusk responded to really well. It didn't touch the pain, but he just didn't care as much. ;-) Too bad no one suggested that this morning - oh wait, that's right, I did...whatever, I'm just glad it took the edge off. Then we finally got an internist in who could see what was going on wasn't working for Dusk. So he hit Dusk with some Dilauded (a VERY potent drug - 3-4x more potent than Morphine, but, you know, given to cardiac kids on a regular basis post-op, so one I was familiar with already). Now, Dusk is passed out. Which is exactly what his body needs. :-) 

Please keep the prayers coming for a smoother recovery from here on out.

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