Friday, March 1, 2013

From "disaster" to "beautiful"

The surgeon just came out and said surgery was A SUCCESS! He said everything went great and Dusk even had very minimal blood loss, so no transfusion should be needed (huge sigh of relief on that one - because Dusk's heart condition could result in needing a transplant someday, it's always better to avoid blood transfusions now if possible as it can limit the compatible donor pool later). In the surgeons words "Wow, we got his hip out and it was a disaster. It was squashed and misshapen and sunken in." (I can't wait to tell Dusk that little fact when he wakes up!). He will be taken to recovery shortly and then to his room about an hour after that, so it'll be awhile before I can see him. But the doctor seems to  will be very happy with his new "beautiful" hip. PRAISE GOD!!!



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  2. What a good report! You made it through another sit in the surgery waiting room, Amy. There is that anxiety that tries to creap over you, isn't there? I hope Dusk is as pleased with his surgery as my husband was. I'm so glad the surgery went well.