Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's getting real, y'all

We've still battling through the dance of maintaining enough pain meds on board that Dusk is fairly comfortable, but not so much that he's passed out. It's definitely an up and down battle, and those of you who are Facebook friends with me have heard my horror stories about the nursing staff here (some good, some bad and a LOT of miscommunication all the way around). 

The good news is that Dusk is eating more, so gaining more strength. And yesterday they tried to get him out of bed and didn't have any luck. But today, with a good night's sleep under his belt (brought on by some hefty doses of Dilaudid!), he was able to not just sit up at the edge of the bed, but walk across the room and back to his bed! YAY!!! It could have been the Dilaudid, it could have been the great cheering done by the PT and me. could have been the statement she made that "You know, most patients who aren't ready go to home by day 3 are sent to a Skilled Nursing Facility to finish their rehab." For the under 40 set who read the blog, that's basically an old folks home. Fun stuff, right? Totally where a 39 year old guy wants to go to recover from surgery. So, like I was saying, some combination of those 3 things convinced him to get out of bed and walk, so I'll take it. ;-) He's now back in bed, passed out, but he PT said he did 1,000x better today than yesterday, and that she wants to get him walking down the hall this afternoon. 

My mom brought the kids to the hospital yesterday, where Sierra was super excited to show Dusk and I the beautiful cards she had made for us and Bodie peppered Dusk with all sorts of questions ("Why do you have that thing (the iv) in your arm? Why do you have that (the cotton ball with tape from the iv)? Did it hurt? That (an orange tag) should NOT be on the on the pulse ox (the same one we have at home)! Let's tell the nurse! Why do you have a special potty? Are you ok?" and on and on and on. It was very cute to see how interested he was with everything and the kids had a lot of fun visiting. 

And a HUGE shout out to my mom, who has taken care of the kids ALL WEEKEND so that I could be at the hospital as much as possible! Thank you mom - we never could have done this without you!

Please keep the prayers coming for Dusk, both for pain management and that we can get him moving and out of here!

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