Friday, March 1, 2013

Pain meds, what?

Let's just say I am underwhelmed by the care Dusk has received post operatively. I assume it's just a fluke and not reflective of their usual care, but unfortunately, that doesn't change that we're the recipient of the sub-standard care. 

Dusk came back to his room at 12:30ish, telling the nurses he needed pain meds. 3 hours later,  after lots of excuses (on their part) and threats (on my part), they finally showed up with Morphine. Unfortunately, by that point, we were no longer "on top" of the pain situation and Dusk had a resultant anxiety attack, which means the Morphine didn't work very effectively. Too bad the doctor didn't order any anti-anxiety meds (and this was after I explicitly asked them to make sure to give Dusk anti-anxiety meds post-op as we felt it would aid his recovery (Dusk doesn't have anxiety generally, but seriously does when it comes to medical procedures)).  So the nurses are standing around dumfounded, trying to figure out what to do and decide to increase his 02 instead. Fun times. 

After a lot of finger pointing (doctor's office is blaming the nurses; nurses are blaming the doctor's office), we finally got some Ativan ordered and are waiting to see the Internist so that Dusk gets some continuity of care. In short, we could use some serious prayers now, that we can get over this hump, get on top of Dusk's pain and get him on the road to recovery. Thank you!

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