Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home, sweet home

The rumors are true, after an eventful morning (which included a nurse trying to discharge us with 3 prescriptions, 2 of which were for the same medication (her response when I asked her why? To shrug her shoulders and to say that's what the doctor ordered) and the third was for a medication I'd never heard of (and neither had she - she actually asked me if I knew what it was for. True story)), Dusk broke free and we are HOME!!!

I'll be honest, this hospital stay was a bit of disaster and I'm sure will involve me writing a letter to the hospital at one point soon, while the details are still fresh in my mind. For the most part, the nursing staff was very nice. But there was just no continuity of care and they were not at all on top of his medications, which could have created a very dangerous situation. Luckily, it was just annoying for us, but having to get the charge nurse involved every day isn't my idea of a good time. It was in such stark contrast to the care Bodie receives at CHLA and made me realize how very blessed we are to have such an incredible Children's Hospital so close.

Lest you think the morning was all bad, we did have some fun. Ok, Bodie had fun - Dusk and I mostly got irritated having to try to keep him out of, well, everything. Sierra wasn't there for Daddy's discharge, since she had better things to do - Mix Match Crazy Hair Day at school!
But Bodie got to come along for the ride and had a ball. He spent a good amount of time investigating the window (and, I'm sure, imagining ways to injure himself).
And snuggling in Daddy's bed with both mommy
and Daddy
And, finally, deciphering the pain chart for us
(if you can't view the video here, you can link to it here)

Bodie's take on things - Happy, Happy, Confused, Sad, Sad, Sad.
Yup, buddy, that about sums up our stay. 

But praise God we're home and now working on recovery! Please pray that Dusk's rehab goes well!

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