Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet baby Bodie

Bodie had another great day today!!! He easily weaned down on his O2 to 2L of high-flow oxygen, which basically means he's ready to come off of it and go to the regular-flow nasal canula (what he came home on last time)! The plan is to let him rest overnight on the high-flow and then put him to regular 02 tomorrow morning. They started his Pedialyte feeds today and he did great with those as well (no signs of intolerance - yay!), so they've scheduled a GI consult for tomorrow to look at his reflux and check everything out before re-starting the breastmilk feeds. They also are weaning him off his last drip tonight (milrinone)! And, Bodie really had a wonderful day - he was just content and relaxed all day today, happy just to look around at us. I got to hold him for several hours today and he just slept in my arms. It really was amazing - he has always been such a fussypants, but now he's a pretty chill kid. Turns out what I was starting to chalk up to colic may have been that he just didn't feel so hot and he finally feels good! Praise God for that! As I told the doctors today "if I had known it would improve his demeanor so dramatically, I would have requested the BT shunt and pacemaker to begin with." :-)

It was really interesting today - we were talking to the critical care fellow who was in the room the night we almost lost Bodie. My mom asked her whether she saw "miracles" a lot in the unit (we thought she would say yes). Her response was "well, some kids don't do so well...and some do ok...but it's pretty rare that they fly through like Bodie did - especially with the kind of complications he had last week." She said she thought Bodie had some divine intervention. It was just really cool to hear a person in the medical profession say that!

A few prayer requests tonight:
1. That Bodie is able to come completely off oxygen soon.
2. Bodie has some "junkiness" in his chest, likely leftover from being on the vent. They're doing therapy and suctioning him to get rid of it, but it would be great if he could get rid of it on his own and not have to deal with it anymore. Pray that he can get rid of it.
3. That the GI study reveals such mild aspiration that Bodie can start back on his bottles really soon, with no need for a g-tube!

Thanks as always!


  1. All this good news and the boy gets a bottle! Just keeps getting better and better. Praising God for such an amazing turn around.

  2. All I can say is God is good! Erin

  3. We thank the good Lord for you, my sweet Bodie. His hand is upon you, and He has great plans for you! You are changing lives around you already through your miraculous journey. We will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. I love you, sweet boy! God Bless You and sleep with angels tonight. Biiiig hugs, Nairi, Michael and kids

  4. So many tears of joy right now!! I am just so proud of Bodie for being such a fighter. GOd is great. He certainly is. Bodie is his walking miracle. He will be your everyday reminder of how wonderful God is. Big things, that boy is going to do BIG things.

  5. GO BODIE!! So glad to keep getting good news. I hope the GI consult goes well, thinking of you all!!

  6. Awww, go Bodie go! Praise to God for all of his mighty work. I bet this is a testament to all the medical personel working with Bodie.