Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This kid CAN EAT!

Man oh man can Bodie eat! Our discharge instructions were for him to eat at least 55-60cc's (2oz) every 2-3 hours. He's already up to 90-100cc's (3oz) every 2 hours! I do fear we've created an emotional eater. ;-) Every time he's awake, he's looking for something to eat - it's so funny! (It's mostly funny because it's pretty rare for a single ventricle kid to like to eat a lot to begin with (it's probably the biggest challenge with single ventricle kids), let alone when they have to eat thickened substances.) But Bodie's definitely the anomaly - he absolutely loves to eat. He's happiest with the bottle in his mouth! And when he's hungry, everyone hears about it (well, as much as everyone can hear considering he only has one working vocal chord)! Just like Sierra, he snorts when he's mad and hungry. And his eating is showing - at his pediatrician's appointment today, he had gained a whopping 9oz since his appointment just a week ago! Go Bodie!!! What an answer to prayer!

Thanks for all of your prayers for Sierra - she is doing much better (fever lasted less than 24 hours, thankfully - and Bodie hasn't caught it yet!

We haven't heard yet about the potential abdominal mass - we have an ultrasound scheduled for Friday morning. Please keep praying that the ultrasound reveals no mass.

Thank you prayer warriors!


  1. Yay Bodie! I am so excited to hear that he is eating so well! I miss you guys so much, but love hearing how well he is doing. We are all keeping to our prayers for Bodie. Well except Evan. He's praying for Baby Bootie! :^)

    Lots of Love,

  2. I am so happy that he is eating so well. That is great news and a true relief! I am praying the ultrasound reveals no mass in his abdomen.

  3. So glad he's doing so well. He's such a trooper... We've all been praying for him at Northstar Baptist Church in McMillan Mi! Every body asks me about him when I go to church, always wanting an update!

  4. He's so smart...he knows how wonderful food is and nothings going to stop him! :) So happy for you to have one less thing to worry about. We'll keep praying about the mass. Thanks for the update, know you're very busy.
    Love, Erin

  5. Oh, I am so happy to hear about his appetite! :o) I am praying for your beautiful baby boy every day, Amy! I believe for continued miracles for him. And I will pray that the abdominal ultrasound has great a outcome. God Bless You guys so, so much. With Love, Nairi & Michael Jeppson

  6. Hi - GO BODIE GO!! You and Townes can battle it out for the best eater -- love that you love that milk!! =o) Good job to you Amy as well - it's a lot of work to pump along with thicken and fortify -- so keep up the good work!
    Thinking about you today - hoping your ultrasound turns out well.
    Let us know what you need and Happy Birthday to Big Sister Sierra coming up soon!
    Love - Townes and the Hale Crew