Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures in Solids

After enduring dirty looks during mealtime (at me) and big pleading eyes (at my food) for a few weeks now, I finally gave in and started Bodie on solids! As you can see, he was a-ok with that decision. He didn't quite know what to do with it (and was actually even more interested in eating his colorful bib), but he got the hang of it. For a first-timer, he did pretty well. And didn't cough once, which made mama feel really comfortable about her ability to decide what's thick enough for her guy.

Bodie also had a marathon appointment with his cardiologist today, which included an ekg and an echo. Everything looked stable and he had grown 4oz and 0.5in since last week's appointment! He's thisclose to 13 pounds now and hopefully within a couple of days he'll actually be there! (So yes, still small, but we're inching ever closer to the growth chart!) We have a pacemaker check with the electropysiologist next week and hopefully his pre-Glenn surgical consult within a week or two (just waiting for insurance authorization).

In news of amazing HLHS heroes, both Olivia and Jake did AWESOME with their Glenn's this week. Olivia has had a lot of tubes and wires removed already, and Jake is already going to be moved to the step-down floor tomorrow (yes, that's 2 days after his surgery!). Jake, like Bodie, had a lot of complications after his Norwood, so he gives us such hope that Bodie will also sail through his Glenn. Please continue to pray for both Olivia and Jake to sail through recovery and be home SOON! Please also continue to pray for sweet Wyatt, who is still struggling through his Glenn recovery.

And, one more pic for your viewing pleasure: Sissy love...

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