Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surgery, surgery, and more surgery

Well, surgery is the subject today for sure. In good news, BOTH of Bodie's heart buddies who had their Glenn's last Thursday are already home! (Seriously - Olivia was discharged Monday and Jacob was discharged this morning - less than a week after open heart surgery! How amazing is that??? Gives us such hope for Bodie's Glenn as well.) They're both dealing with the dreaded Glenn headaches, but other than that, really doing amazingly well. Praise God!

As far as Bodie's Glenn, we have our pre-Glenn surgical consult scheduled for August 26th!!! What does that mean? Honestly, nothing really, other than that at least they're thinking about when they'll do his Glenn. And that puts us one step closer, so we're happy about that. Won't know until then when his surgery will be, but my guess would be sometime in September. My hope is early September only because that gets us a little further away from cold and flu season than late September or October will. But, if Bodie's still doing well, they might push it off a bit further. (The bigger they are going into the Glenn, the better they tend to do.) We'll see.

Bodie is doing well, but the teething is really bad. He hasn't really wanted to eat much at all the past couple of days and it has had me unbelievably worried, really at my breaking point. He'll take maybe 1/3 of an ounce (if that) and then pull off the bottle, grab his gums and scream in absolute agony. We've tried everything (teething rings (he won't touch anything frozen, so that hasn't gone over too well), Baby Orajel, teething tablets, Motrin, Tylenol, even Hydrocodone - nothing has really touched it) - you'd think maybe it's not teething if nothing is working, but his symptoms are clearly, clearly teething. Yesterday morning, he got so upset he turned purple and screamed for 15 minutes straight. By the end of the episode, I was also sobbing for my mommy (if I'm being honest :-)). We're always in a state of worry about him, but when he doesn't eat or shows other worrisome signs, it ups my stress level to a really unhealthy level. (Clearly I need to work on giving that one over to God - but I'm only human, so that's taking some time. Could definitely use some prayer on this one!)

I took him yesterday to the pediatrician just to make sure nothing else was going on and she ruled out any ENT or other obvious infection. Of course, once we got to the office, Bodie was grinning and flirting at everyone in sight and downed 3.5oz without so much as a whimper. Then he did the same thing at CHLA when we went for his pacemaker check later in the afternoon. Turkey.

Today was a bit better - by this afternoon, he definitely started eating better, so we're hoping some of the pain is easing a bit. I suspect that more than one tooth must be brewing right under his left gumline for him to be in such unbelievable pain (either that or he's just a whiner, which is also a possibility ;-)). Please pray that he gets a serious reprieve from this teething and starts eating better - so that all of our stress levels go down!!!
The really good news is that, when he's not hungry or I'm not forcing a bottle down him, he's really pretty happy. He's been super smiley. I got my new camera and have been super picture happy so have some great new pics for you all:

Mr. Smileypants

Sister love

Showing off his new teeth

He is at SUCH a grabby phase. Has to grab EVERYTHING in sight (usually my hair!)

LOVING his exersaucer Our little California boy - on the swings again Lying on the blanket at Farmer's Market


  1. What a cutie...I love the pictures!

    I am praying for his teeth to make their appearance so the teething will stop...arghhh...that is a hard time to get through.

  2. I can't imagine how you have stayed so calm through all of this - has to be the Spirit of Jesus and I'm holding you up for more, more, more! Love and hugs to you, Brodie and Sierra.

  3. He is just so stinkin cute. :) Darn teething.. I understand what you're going through with that. Poor Aly has been teething for months it feels like and we only have 4 so far. SIGH.. ;) Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as his Glenn consult approaches.

  4. My sweet Bodie! I can't tell you what a joy it is for me to see you on a swing and playing with your sister. I absolutely love you, my peanut. We continue to pray for you, your teething, your mommy, daddy, and sister.

    Loads of love, my sweet:

    Nairi, Michael and your friends

  5. I am up in Seattle and my husband and I pray daily for Bodie. I have his picture on my computer at work and I can talk to him and pray for him continually.