Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Owner of some chubby thighs

HOLY COW! Did you hear what I've been up to lately???
Little man finally decided his teeth weren't bothering him anymore (at least for the time being), so has been doing a whole LOT of this lately:
As a result, we have lots to show for it:
Lots of hair growth:
And a serious double chin:

And even a little chunk on his thighs:
The kicker is that most of this new chunkiness has come in the last week, when he has been on breastmilk only (other than his cereal and solids - which he continues to love, by the way) (we usually fortify his breastmilk bottles to 27cal using formula to help him gain weight, but we had run out and I made the mistake of ordering from a company that took a week to get it to us - so we've been without it). Since he's been on breastmilk only, he's really upped his intake and has gained the same if not better than when we were adding formula. Go figure. If he keeps it up, guess I'll be talking to his cardiologist about backing off on the formula a bit (no sense in giving him the formula at such a high rate if he can grow on a lower amount). At any rate, the growth has been really exciting for us to see - it seems his face is getting chunkier literally by the day! Go Bodie!!!

Our pre-Glenn consult with the surgeon is tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have an update tomorrow night. It's a funny place to be in. Bodie, even though he seems so robust and healthy, is really hemodynamically unstable and could go downhill very very very quickly, so we are so anxious to get him past the Glenn when he'll be SO much more stable. The mortality rates are also highest at the stage we're in right now. And most kids do really well with the Glenn - they call it the "drive-through surgery" since kids are usually out of the hospital in a fraction of the time they spent in the hospital after the Norwood. So, on the one hand, we would be thrilled for the surgeon to say "hey, guess what - we have an opening for next Monday. Let's put Bodie in there." But on the other hand, it is still open heart surgery and not all kids do well. I am daily thinking of sweet Wyatt, who never came home after his Glenn. We have no guarantee that Bodie will be one of the lucky ones who does really well and comes home. So, another part of us is hoping the surgeon will say "let's not rush it and give him a little more time to grow." The really tough reality of what we're going through is that it is always a possibility that the time we have with Bodie now may be the only time we ever get with him. And if we pushed him toward the surgery that might change all that, it would be very hard to live with. (Sorry if I'm rambling - a lot going through my mind right now.) So, what we'd really like prayer for tomorrow is:

1. The surgeon: please pray for wisdom, that he is able to determine the best time for Bodie to have his Glenn.

2. For Bodie's body: to continue to thrive until the time comes for his Glenn.

3. For Dusk and I: for patience to rely on God's plan and know that HE has Bodie (and our family) in the palm of His hand and the outcome of tomorrow's meeting will be exactly as He has ordained.




  1. I am crazy about these photos! Such a cutie! And the one with the Beatles shirt and headband?! Priceless!!!

    I know exactly how you're feeling about scheduling the Glenn. And I know the fears all too well. It's insane. I will be praying for the surgeon, for Bodie and for you & Dusk as you all continue on the never-ending rollercoaster ride of being a heart family. God is in control and has a PERFECT plan for sweet Bodie. My prayer is that he absolutely will be one of the many who come through the Glenn wonderfully and are SO much stronger on the other side!

    Heart hugs to you all!

  2. Oh boy, does Bodie look good! Makes me want to kiss my computer screen :) I love praying for Bodie and for Sierra and sensing God's marvelous love for them. Hugs, Karen

  3. Praying for you guys faithfully! I LOOOOOVE this pics. I just love my Bodie! XOXO: Nairi n family