Friday, August 27, 2010

Uh, let's hope that red pen was an erasermate

Yeah that's right, I just used a totally 80's reference. Gosh, do they even sell erasable pens anymore? I remember being beyond excited when those things came out. But I digress. This post is NOT about the amazingness that is the Erasermate.

Sadly, it's about Bodie's surgery date being changed. We got a call today that Dr. Starnes actually isn't available Sept 30th, so they're bumping us to Oct 7th. Eeek - that puts us a little too close to cold and flu season for my liking. We're going to ask them to put us on the waitlist for any cancellations before then. If there aren't any, then Oct 7th it is...
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  1. It is hard when they have to have surgery during that time of the year. Two of Logan's surgeries were smack in the middle of cold and flu season. However he did really well and never caught anything while there.

    Praying things go well for you on your upcoming date!

  2. Joshua's glenn is going to be around early february....i'm not excited about that time of the year.

    I'll be praying something comes open sooner than that!

  3. Praying fro the PERFECT time for Bodie to have his surgery. Trusting God. I love you my Bodie. Sleep with angels tonight. Big hugs to sister Sierra. Kisses: Nairi and family

  4. Praying for Bodie as always, but...

    My sister and I were JUST talking about Erasermates yesterday! lol There was a commercial on for a new eraseable pen and we were talking about how the old ones really just rubbed the surface of your paper off so that the ink wasn't so noticeable! lol