Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update time

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes tonight to update on my recent prayer requests (I have been meaning to do it for days, but Bodie and Sierra keep me pretty busy during the days and I'm totally wiped out by bedtime to do it - sorry!). Anyway, here goes:

Bodie: Bodie seems to have gotten a bit of a reprieve from the teething the past couple of days, thank God! He's eating much better and has gained a bit of weight. Please pray he continues to feel better, eat well and gain weight. Please also continue to pray for his vocal cord paresis. Twice in the past week he has choked so badly on something he almost couldn't clear it. The first time was when I tried to give him Motrin. I didn't thicken it (I thicken everything I give him, but it looked thick enough so I didn't bother) and it went down the wrong way. He coughed and gagged so badly Dusk and I thought we were going to have to rush him to the ER. He managed to clear it, but it scared the heck out of us. Then last night he did it again in the bathtub. The only thing I can think is that he put the washcloth in his mouth and sucked the water out of it and choked on it. Crazy, right? Who would think you'd have to worry about that? Kind of blows your mind. Anyway, although some of the nerve damage appears to have reversed itself (he's making a lot more noise now), he clearly has a ways to go. PLEASE pray that his vocal cord will heal itself so that we don't have to worry about this anymore!!!

My mom Nancy: She came through her mascectomy with flying colors and was released less from the hospital less than 24 hours after surgery! (I know, I know, my mom is incredible - she has the MOST resilient body of anyone I have ever met!) She's doing well now, making sure to take it easy. The next couple of weeks are really critical in terms of not having post-surgery complications, so it's really important that she's as inactive as possible. Please pray for her to stay down and rest her body - and pray that her body will continue to heal quickly.

Dusk: Had his MRI last Friday, but we haven't heard back yet from his doctor. We're hoping no news is good news. Please pray that we get good news soon on that one.

Baby Wyatt: Wyatt is still marching on. Since I last posted, he had another surgery, where they took down his Glenn and put a BT shunt in (the same type of shunt Bodie now has), reverting him back to his Norwood physiology. The thought is that it's just too much for his body right now- they'll give his body a couple months to rest and then do his Glenn. Although his heart seems to be tolerating the surgeries ok, he has had numerous other complications, especially with his kidneys. They're just not working as well as they should be, so they put him on dialysis today. It seems to be helping. PLEASE pray hard for Wyatt, that his sweet little body can catch a break and he can start truly recovering and get home!

Baby Jacob: Jacob is having his Glenn surgery tomorrow morning at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. All of his pre-op tests came back great, including his pulmonary consult! Praise God! He has some issues with a leftover atrial septum (something you don't want with HLHS, since you need a good size hole in your septum for the necessary blood flow to happen) that they will try to fix during his Glenn tomorrow, making it a slightly higher risk than most Glenn's. Pray for a successful surgery and a quick recovery for Jake.

Baby Olivia: Not an update, but a new HLHS buddy. She is also having her Glenn surgery tomorrow in Chicago. Please pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery for her as well.


  1. Thanks for the update. We'll keep praying for everyone. Lots of love! Erin

  2. So glad your mom came through well! That is so encouraging!

    I am continuing to pray for the others. :o)