Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our "other" hero

We always call Bodie our hero, but truthfully, we have several other heroes in the heart community as well, and this little guy is one of our biggest. His name is Townsend Hale, he's almost 21 months old and he has the same heart condition Bodie does. He's had his first 2 surgeries done and, because he's such a little chunker, his final surgery (the Fontan) is scheduled for September 13 (so who knows? we could end up being at CHLA at the same time). He's had his surgeries done at CHLA by the same surgeon who has operated on Bodie, Dr. Starnes. He is our INSPIRATION. As you can see, he's doing great and thriving (you would never know this adorable, chunky, picture-of-health kid has half a heart, right?). And, he's also really blonde, so our goal is for Bodie to look exactly like him in 15 months or so.

One of the best things about Townes is that his awesome family lives in El Segundo, less than 10 minutes away from us! I met his incredible mom, Sara, through the California Heart Connection, when I was still pregnant with Bodie. She is like the sister I never had. She and her entire family (her husband Aaron and their kids Owen (7), Max (5), Evelyn (3), Townes (21 months) and baby on the way!) just opened their arms and hearts to us. A HUGE props to the entire Hale family for doing more for our family in the past 6 months than we can even begin to thank them for. They brought us countless dinners and snacks, brought gifts for Sierra, visited us in the hospital (Sara even sat with Bodie so I could run home for a bit), and perhaps most of all, took Sierra for us when she could no longer go to her school. I honestly keep expecting to find out that Sara is an angel sent to help our family in a dire time of need. But until that time, we'll just keep enjoying the wonderfulness that is the Hale family.

And a few pics of our Heroes at the park today (we are lucky enough to see the Hale family on just about a weekly basis now that Bodie is home):
Townes with big brother Max, big sister Evelyn (who is 2 months older than Sierra and so much like her - the girls get along SO well - it truly is such a blessing) and mom Sara:


  1. THANK YOU for ALL the wonderful words of praise - but we are BOTH very fortunate to have each other close and know it will be a lifelong friendship. We are blessed to have you all as friends and look forward to a long future with Bodie and Townsend - our golfers, musicians, yoga masters, or whatever else they will become - but I know it will be easier having your support and the two boys going through the ups and downs of life with half-a-heart. REALLY enjoyed hanging out this week and look forward to seeing the kids on Friday afternoon so mom gets a well deserved break!!! THANKS AMY!!! Love, Aaron, Sara, Townsend and crew! =o)

  2. What a miracle to have another heart family so close! That's awesome!

    BTW, Mr.Bodie is looking like his daddy in those pictures.

  3. Wow! Little miracles indeed! Much love and blessings to all of you. Nairi and family.