Thursday, August 26, 2010

Circle that date in red

They're going to do WHAT to me??? And you're happy about this WHY?

Well, we have a surgery date...(drumroll please)...SEPTEMBER 30. I know, I know, more than a month away. (sigh). His surgeon was actually shooting for mid September, but his schedule was full, so our choices were really next Thursday or September 30. He felt that Bodie really truly is doing SO well right now that he didn't want to rush him to surgery if he didn't have to. His shunt is big enough that his sats should hold just fine until then, so it buys us some time. And Bodie has really been thriving at home, so he'd like to let him do that for a little longer before doing surgery. His thought is that Bodie had SUCH a rough go of it, his little body is really over the hump now and he's finally in a good growing stage right now, so he'd like to leave him there a little longer.

So there you have it. 5 weeks to worry, obsess and think of little else. Or, 5 weeks to pray, hope, rest in God's promises to get us through this and love on our little guy as much as possible. Um, I think we'll take the latter. :-)

Our appointment in general went great today. Everyone who saw Bodie was totally amazed at how well he's done at home, what a great eater he is, how big his cheeks are, how much more hair he has, etc. The nurses were absolutely thrilled that he had gained an average of 28 grams a day since he's been home. Um, hello people - you told me to shoot for him gaining 30 grams a day, so come hell or high water, the kid is going to gain close to that. I didn't know there was an option to not get close to that. What can I say? Thanks to my dad being in the military, I have an unhealthy fear of authority and do what I'm told. ;-)

And Bodie was happy to be there - smiling at just about everyone, which is always fun. He has such an adorable personality. It makes my heart smile everytime a stranger stops to tell me how cute he is (doesn't exactly make my heart smile if they try to touch him, but compliments I'll take any day)!

I'll provide more info about donating blood and/or platelets once we get closer, but for now, please just put September 30 on your calendar and spend some time (or a lot, if you have it!) in prayer for our little guy between now and then. Thanks!


  1. He is sooooo cute!!!!!! I just want to love on the little guy. Glad you have a date. We'll be praying for his health and your nerves until then. Love you all! Erin

  2. My Bodie! I am so in love with you, peanut! you keep melting my heart you're so gorgeous! I promise I'll never cease to pray for you, baby! Even when you are and old grandpa (if I'm around then!:O). I will pray for a smooth surgery and recovery, and for a loooooong adn healthy life. I love you, my Bodie! God bless you, baby. Sleep with angels... and loads of love to your sweet sister, Sierra. BIIIIG Hugs: Nairi and family

  3. Nice to have the date set and have a month to prepare. Hopefully Townes will be out by Bodie's surgery -- they'll be post-surgery buddies I guess (almost was thinking it would be nice to have it at the same time because would have a good friend up there all the time with me and vice versa!! =o) BUT I know what is best for Bodie and will keep praying for these little blondies!

  4. Hey momma, continue to slap those hands away from your baby :) Glad to hear Bodie's Glenn is set. The waiting game is not my favorite part. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. I hope you spend the 5 weeks enjoying the time at home and loving on your little need to worry...the day will come soon enough. He is so darn cute and I know he is loving being home! I am praying that you are able to spend the next 5 weeks not worrying about the surgery...and that Bodie stays away from any and all viruses, bugs, and just plain stays healthy.