Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fontan is underway!

Bodie is officially undergoing his Fontan. What a morning!

Bodie was phenomenal this morning; he was in SUCH a great mood. He gave Sierra a goodbye hug and off to the hospital we went.

The whole way up to the hospital, he was jabbering excitedly about everything that was going to happen and once we got here, he was ALL smiles. In pre-op, we played volleyball (seriously, he made pre-op a BREEZE because he was having so much fun!). We were very lucky he was in such a great mood, because they didn't call us back until after 10!
 Even Joshie Doll got a matching visitor tag, ID bracelet and allergy tag!
Brenda, our most favorite adult CHDer, came to sit with us! We LOVE Brenda!
Unfortunately for us, he refused the Versed this time. It was quickly apparent that it was NOT happening. So, they let me gown up and walk him into the OR. 

I have 2 thoughts on this experience:

1. If I NEVER see the inside of a cardiac OR again, it will be too soon. That tiny bed, the lights, the equipment - it's burned forever into my mind.

2. Bodie fought the mask. Oh boy did he fight it. As he finally settled down and stopped fighting, I was hugging him, tears streaming down my face (he was facing out, so couldn't see me), telling him how much I loved him. All of the sudden, I hear him scream through the mask "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"  Everyone started laughing, me included. That kid wanted to make sure we ALL understood he was not going down without a fight. It was a great tension breaker. I told him that I didn't care if he was going under anesthesia, I was NOT going to raise a disrespectful child. Haha! Thanks for the comedic relief, Bodie. Well played, Bodie, well played.

We checked into the CTICU and met our nurse. I am SO grateful it's one we had a lot when Bodie was a baby - she gave me a huge hug! What a welcoming presence for us. Now, we're hanging in the CT waiting area with Brenda and our favorite Pastor Michael.

I'll update as we get updates from the OR. In the meantime, please keep the prayers coming! We need this very critical surgery covered in prayer!


  1. Oh Bodie.. so feisty! Sending thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery!! ((((hugs))))

  2. Hey Guys,

    Praying Praying Praying! You have a whole gang of people praying for Bodie in Annapolis, MD. I included a picture of him in my prayer request e-mail. Several people have commented on how cute he is.

    Love you,

    George in Annapolis