Monday, August 19, 2013

Pacemaker done!

We're back in Bodie's room with him and he's resting more or less comfortably (except for when he's messed with). They were able to extubate in the OR. Praise God! The pacemaker placement went well with no issues. Please pray that his body will really be able to recover from this point forward. Pray that we can start losing lines and get this kid up and moving. 

This morning's x-ray showed a small effusion on the right side. During the pacemaker surgery, they were able to locate the effusion and attempted to place a tube to drain it. However, there was too many adhesions (from prior chest tube placements) and they couldn't reach it. :-( So they just put in another mediastinal tube (more in the center) and are hoping the fluid will drain toward it. They are also going to be aggressively dieuresing him to get the fluid off. We're grateful that this could (and hopefully does) explain the lower sats, but are nervous about what will happen if the dieuresis doesn't work, since it doesn't look like we have another option. Please pray that meds alone will get that fluid off.

In true Bodie fashion, as soon as he got back, he asked for water and then told me he had to go poop. The nurse started laughing - I think that might have been a first for her as well - a kid asking to go poop so fresh out of the OR. We managed to comfort him and he fell asleep before pooping, so we've staved off the request...for now.

Praise God surgery went well! Please continue praying for healing from here on out!


  1. Continuing prayers for your warrior! Much love from the Lewis' in Michigan! :) (((HUGS))) to the whole Bennett family!

  2. Hey Bodie!

    Alright! You got through the second surgery. You are a rockstar buddy! Now, we're gonna pray real, real hard to get all that fluid out of you. No fun at all. I had fluid around both my lungs when I was in the hospital. They had to drain it out. I felt like a car at Jiffy Lube. I know, I know... Mister George is such a silly! You rest up, get better & give us a real good smile! Love ya, Mister George