Monday, August 19, 2013

Fontan Post Op Day 4: Restarting the Clock

I kinda feel like we should get a new clock reset, because, truly, we couldn't focus on Bodie's Fontan recovery until we were past the pacemaker surgery. Everything Fontan recovery wise (pulling lines, heavily dieuresing to lose the chest tubes, getting up and walking) was put on hold until the pacemaker was in. As it turns out, doctors and nurses don't really like rhythm issues and don't like to move forward in other areas when there are such big issues outstanding. Go figure. 

Anyway, today was definitely a step in the right direction! Bodie rocked his pacemaker surgery. Truthfully, it's a much lesser surgery than the Fontan, so everyone expected it to go off without a hitch - but, even so, it was the second time his chest was opened in 4 days, which always makes it dicier. We're so grateful with his recovery so far. 

Within 4 hours of coming back, he was drinking water and milk and playing on the iPad.

We also got to Facetime with Sierra. I couldn't manage to get a good pic of them both smiling! But they were excited to see each other - she, to know he was ok; and he, to see her new glasses!
How stinking cute is she??? 

Other than that, Bodie's been sleeping a lot this afternoon, thanks to the Morphine.
He literally passed out mid-Popsicle. 

I'm so glad he's getting his rest, but honestly am a little worried that I may have just bought myself another 3:45am craft session! Let's all hope this sleeping streak lasts through the night and that he's ready tomorrow morning to hit the ground running and start making some serious Fontan progress! The attending and I talked about the effusion and he's not too concerned. He said he wouldn't have put a tube in for it, but for the fact that we were going into the OR anyway so it would have been easy for them to do. He really thinks, with going up on his diuretics and losing lines and getting him up and walking, we should have no problems getting this fluid out. So, just normal Fontan stuff. Whew! What a relief!

Tonight, please thank God that surgery went so smoothly today and pray that:
1. We can start losing lines and chest tubes in the next couple of days, so that we can comfortably get Bodie up and walking.
2. That the diuretics are successful in getting the fluid out of Bodie's lungs, so that we can come down on the 02 (he's currently at 2 1/2L), his sats will come up and he will feel better.
3. That we'll all get some sleep tonight!


  1. continually praying Amy! You are all SO strong! Following you on your journey in awe. Jana Sly

  2. Hi Bodie & Bennett gang! Wow! You guys have had some crazy days. Praying that our little man will really jump into recovery. In sending out prayer requests re. Bodie to various groups, I got a nice e-mail back from a lady who has a special needs 6 yr daughter with heart issues. Also I have been praying for a little infant named Annie who just had her Norwood. We are keeping the Lord busy these days. Poor guy never gets a day off (LOL!) I gotta tell you guys, Bodie has a major fan club here in Annapolis, MD. I've been like a grandfather showing off all the cute pictures. Sierra looks really cute in her new glasses. Glad she is getting to see her little brother. I know this must be hard on our little angel. Yeah, Bodie & I have share a lot of similar experiences with surgery & stuff. Please give him & Sierra my love. You guys hang in there! Love ya, Mister George in Annapolis

    PS To Bodie --- Hey little dude! Man some guys have it so easy. Just lying around sucking popsicles & getting new toys! LOL! I'm praying for ya my little man. I wanna see a big smile okay? Love ya, Mister George

  3. Greetings Amy! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog :-) My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)

  4. Hi Again Bodie, Hope you have a good night & get lots of rest. Sure love you buddy, Mister George in Annapolis.

    PS - The picture is me holding a friend's little infant daughter!

  5. So adorable looking kids! God bless that kid.