Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fontan Update #2

Our nurse stopped by a bit ago to let us know that Bodie was on his way back and we'd probably see him in an hour or so. And our favorite attending stopped by to say hi and let us know Bodie looked good. We're still waiting to talk to Dr. Starnes, but we know that surgery went well and he's coming back on the ventilator. We haven't been told why yet, but we're assuming it's due to his twitchy pulmonary beds. We're not thrilled, but we somewhat expected it. Don't know the plan yet, but hoping we can extubate soon.

Please keep praying - we'll update when we know more!


  1. I am in tears !! So happy surgery went well . will still be praying for Bodie

  2. We are so so so happy!!!! You've been In our prayers. Love Jean-Marie & Liam (bodies first roommate)

  3. Sending love and light from Arizona - I know Zoe doesn't mind sharing :)