Saturday, August 3, 2013

Unexpected Blessings

I prayed SO HARD that we would get our planned surgery date of July 29th, and then August 1st. But God had other plans. And I'm so glad. Because He didn't answer my prayer, he gave us an expected blessing...TIME. Time to do things we couldn't have done had we kept that original surgery date.

Time to take my kiddies out for frozen yogurt.
Time to help a certain special little girl empty out her piggy bank and allowance jars and cash them in.
 (Can you even believe this adorable excitement??? I love her so much!)
Time for Grandma Jan and I to take said precious little girl to the American Girl Doll Store to use said cashed out piggy bank money.
Time to take that special little girl (and her sweet dollie, Caroline) out to lunch at the American Girl Store. SO cute!
Time to take the kids out to Palm Springs one more time, to snuggle with Gigi and Popo... 
Time to watch adorable moments like these, shared between my bestie Val and the kiddos. I am SO grateful for how much she loves my kids!
Time to soak in the sun and pool...
(I am picturing Bodie taking on the Fontan, exactly like this - totally determined and in control!)
And time to my kiddos... 
 I am grateful for the acceptance that has come this week, for the peace that God has given me. I'm so grateful for the moments Valerie and I have been able to share, moments we wouldn't have had if we were in a tiny hospital room, trying to hold it together while helping Bodie walk through recovery. I'm so grateful for Grandma Jan & Popo Alan, who completely changed their summer plans to fly back out again in 2 weeks to help with Sierra during Bodie's surgery, and Gigi Nancy & Popo Bill, who will be taking Sierra the week after. SO incredibly grateful for the peace of mind that brings. Thank you so so so much Popo Alan, Gram Jan, Popo Bill and Gigi Nancy for your flexibility and for loving our sweet girl so much!!!

Please continue to pray for peace for our family in the next couple of weeks, that we are able to keep Bodie healthy, and that surgery goes as planned!
Until then, we're thankful for the unexpected blessing of time together!!!



  1. I was searching for a little poem for you to remind you about God's perfect timing as I said a little Prayer for you. Then I got sidetracked and never sent it.. Today I see my Prayer for you was answered and you saw the blessings all by yourself!
    Stay strong and at peace knowing everything will turn out perfectly and give a special hug to Bodie as I continue to Pray for him.

  2. I love this. I'm go glad you all have been able to squeeze in some wonderful memories, even though I totally get it! :) Big hugs!!!