Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another great day for Bodie!

Bodie had another great day today! (I actually don't have much to report, but I know people get worried if I don't post an update, so wanted to make sure to post something!) He got "de-accessorized" as one doctor put it - they took out most of his lines, so all he has left is his pic line (he has to have one iv line in order to distribute meds and what not)! And he's down to 0.5L on his oxygen and will hopefully be completely off of it soon! The nurse today actually took him off of it a couple of times today, but his sats dropped, so she put him back on. He really has done amazingly well coming off the vent - with all the problems we had last week, we are still shocked at how well his extubation went and that they are even talking about taking him off oxygen already! Praise God!!! He's also been moved from a warmer to a "big boy bed" (basically, a crib - but it just looks less medical than his warmer, so I'm excited). It's a bit bigger, so we can bring in more blankets, etc. to dress it up. And, he's up to full feeds of breast milk already!!! He's now taking 15cc's an hour (about 1/2oz.) through his ng tube and hasn't had any adverse reactions. The next step will be to consolidate the feeds and give him 45cc's every 3 hours. If he can tolerate the larger, less-frequent feedings ok, then we can start working on bottle-feeding!

He's still having frequent episodes of SVT. The general consensus now is that they're not anything to freak out about since he seems to tolerate them well, but they do want to get them under control before we leave the hospital as they're not a good thing long-term for a single-ventricle kid. It's a relief to know we won't have to worry about the episodes forever.

Today, please thank God for bringing Bodie this far already and pray for his feeds to continue to go well and for the doctors to figure out his SVTs and how best to treat them.

And finally, here's another pic of our little man in his new favorite sleeping position - the froggie...


  1. Oh Amy, he looks so much better!!!! Less lines is always a good thing. His scar looks like its healing well too. It's amazing how strong he is.


  2. Wow.. he has made SO much progress in such a small amount of time. The fact that his extubation has gone so smoothly, and he is already on a regular canula is HUGE. Some heart kids (mine included) spend weeks, even months, trying to wean down to the regular canula. Yay for being down to only line. He is doing so awesome! I will pray for his feeding to continue to go well, and that he is able to do well on the bottle. We certainly serve an amazing God!!


  3. He looks great Amy! Praise the Lord!!! I am so excited about the progress he's making. I have so many people praying for him and often asking for an update on him and it's so nice to see the relief on their faces as I tell them how he's doing. What a group of prayer warriors you have out there holding Bodie up!
    Love and Prayers,

  4. OMG! How precious is that sleeping position!! I LOVE IT! His incision looks great too!

    He is doing so incredibly well and I am just thrilled! I love that they can take away some of the wires! He looks so wonderful, I just can't get over it.

    The power of prayer is amazing and prayers are continuing on this end!

  5. Debbie and Lilly catesMarch 8, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    Praise God for answered prayer, He is so good.

  6. Bodie is looking so good! I am so excited to see the progress that both he and Isaac have been making together! And I am so happy that Bodie and Isaac are roommates again, if only for a couple of more days. :-)

    <3 Cindy Hoyos

  7. "The Froggie" ... awesome!

    The grandmother of a Russian friend once told her that babies sleep in that position when they're happy and content.

    Praying for you guys constantly. Praise God!

    -Eric Hester & Family

  8. Too precious!!! WE LOVE HIM!!!! What a big boy in a crib. We'll keep up the prayers so he can go home soon! Can't wait for those pics!!! :)

  9. What a mighty God we serve! Prayers continue for a complete healing. I hope you get to take him home soon so little Sierra can see her baby bro.