Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looks like I need to clarify...

From the responses I've gotten to yesterday's post (and the responses my mom has gotten upon forwarding it), it looks like I wasn't clear enough. Bodie is doing REALLY WELL. I mean, he's still in an ICU and is fragile due to his heart condition, but is doing really well considering. It's actually GREAT news that his little morphine addiction is most likely what was causing his lower saturation levels - it's a common cuplrit and they have a protocol for treating it. It means the lower sats aren't caused by (a) his heart (meaning the shunt isn't working properly, and they might have had to go back in) or (b) fluid in his lungs (meaning they might have had to put a chest tube back in). Of all the possible culprits, a little drug addiction is probably the easiest to treat! They have figured out he only needs 3 doses a day (every 8 hours), which is pretty low actually, and they'll start weaning him in the next day or 2. He is definitely still on the road to recovery (albeit a long one, but he's moving forward!) We got more good news in rounds this morning, when they told us they're taking off the vapotherm today and moving him down to the nasal cannula (definitely a step forward) and he's back on full feeds!

He's also having alert time where he's just looking at us, content - that's really fun. Here's a pic to prove it...

Anyway, sorry to scare you all with yesterday's post - yes, he's still in critical condition (hence his stay in the ICU) and yes, he definitely needs prayer - but he's doing really well!!!


  1. Amy,

    I am laughing right now because our little Everett went through the same withdrawl from Versed and Fentanyl. And I remember thinking, "My little baby is addicted to pain killers...that's just great." But they do have a protocol for weaning and Bodie will end up just fine. I remember it took over a week to wean Everett. He was grumpy and cranky and agitated for that week but got over it. And now he can't have either of those druge because he's hyper-sensitive to them (like he stops breathing when he gets them). It is just another thing you learn having a baby at CHLA. I continue to pray everyday. Hope we can meet again soon :-)

    Sara Bollinger

  2. Amy so glad to hear, but I actually got your humor and that is what you need to keep you going!! But honestly glad to hear little Bodie is pluggin away and such a cutie pie!!! Much love to all and will keep everyone in prayer!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Love the picture - still something about him that reminds me of Townes. Hope the progress continues! Love, The Hale's