Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad Luck Bodie

Mommy, I don't feel so good...

Man, this poor kid just can't catch a break. Miracles? Sure, no problem. But the little stuff? Any infection within a 10 mile radius? He HAS to have it. It's like Sierra with a new pair of shoes -Bodie is just magnetically drawn to infections, I swear. So, it turns out he has a bacterial infection in his blood. Poor baby. :-( The good news is this explains the state he's in.

In short, Bodie started out yesterday great, eating really well. But throughout the day, he started eating less and generally acting fussier. By about 9:30 last night, he threw up a few times, didn't want to eat, got lethargic and started having a lot of trouble breathing. The nurse called the RRT (the same Rapid Response Team I called when Bodie was in such bad shape last time). They came, checked Bodie out and immediately prepped a room in the CTICU for him to go to. He, in typical Bodie fashion, was in really bad shape in a relatively short period of time. So, they intubated him to give his lungs a break (yes, poor baby is now back on the ventilator), started him on some Milrinone to give his heart a break, and put in a central line to start him prophylactically on antibiotics. His first blood gas was BAD. He was by no means in as bad of shape as he was when he came down to the CTICU with the c-diff, but he was not in good shape. Luckily, within an hour of starting the vent, Milrinone and giving him fluids, he was in MUCH better shape - and he's continued to improve since then. His blood gasses are now almost back to normal - praise God! They've also started weaning the vent, and so far he has been tolerating it like a champ (and I do have to say, he HATES being back on the vent - every chance he gets, he's trying to "self-extubate"; even when we strap his arms down, he just slowly wriggles down to the point where he has enough give in the restraints to get his little hands up to his face - and then he starts pulling on the tube again!)

They weren't sure why he decompensated so badly, but one theory was an infection of some sort. Luckily, that looks like that's exactly what it was (I say "luckily" since our other options were even worse - a viral infection, narrowing of the shunt or other heart issue, or just some serious heart failure). His blood cultured positive for a bacteria of some sort and the antibiotics they had already started treat it, which is a relief.

What they're still not sure of is why he keeps catching infections. I mean, besides the fact that he's in the hospital and that's what happens in hospitals. They ran tests on his cortisol levels today (to ensure that his body can mount a good defense against stress inducers when it has to) and have ordered an immune workup (to check his immune system to make sure something besides bad luck isn't happening). I'll be curious to see what they find. My thinking is that he had such a bad reaction to this latest infection because he was still weak and recovering from the c-diff and paraflu, but who knows...

So, yes, as always, he needs lots of prayer. Tonight, please pray that:
1. He continues to respond well to the vent weaning and can be extubated tomorrow or over the weekend.
2. Pray that his body heals quickly so that they can restart feeds soon!
3. Pray that they figure out why he has to catch everything possible.
4. Pray for peace and good sleep for Dusk and Amy, since the last few nights have been a bit rough.

I would also like to take a moment to give a huge shout out to my dear friend Joy, who had the misfortune last night of being on the "Bodie Snuggle Schedule" we've started to allow me to go home for a few hours in the evenings. Although Bodie did initially give her some sweet smiles, she was there alone as Bodie started decompensating and stayed by my side until he was stable in the CTICU. What she witnessed is hard for a heart mom who's used to this kind of stuff to go through, let alone another mom without a heart child. Bless her heart. Thank you Joy.


  1. My darling, Bodie. I wish I could carry some of your load for you. I am praying for you non-stop, my baby and I believe you will get well soon. You are made PERFECTLY by God, my love and His hand is upon you. Sleep with angels and get well soon, baby. God bless you, my love. Big hugs, Nairi

  2. We continue praying and sending love. Love, Bonnie and the Kerrs

  3. The picture breaks my heart! He's so cute. Poor little guy. Praying he feels better and that you all have the strength to endure the constant challenges. Lots of hugs! Erin

  4. Praise the Lord they figured out what was going on and are treating it! Praise the Lord the little guy is already doing much better! Will continue to pray for his specific needs -- thanks so much for posting that so we all know how to pray for sweet Bodie! And I agree, that pic breaks my heart, too! He looks so pitiful!!!

  5. Poor Bodie. :( We will pray that he starts to feel better again soon and can get out of that pesky CTICU and get home.

  6. Poor little guy! Thank goodness the antibiotics seem to be helping! Bacterial infection is much easier fought than a viral infection. I'm praying that he keeps getting these infections due to the fact he is already in such a voulnerable state and not something else. I'm praying for strength for Bodie, and you and Dusk as well, Amy! Love you guys!

  7. Amy- I am praying for our sweet Bodie boy and also for you, Dusk, and Sierra. I want you to know that I consider it my privilege and blessing to have been there with you two that night. It was a gift for me to be able to bond with and get to know Bodie boy and I was so thankful to be by your side when the scary stuff unfolded. God is so good and really does take care of our needs. I am touched and humbled to be used by Him to help out wherever you may need. I love you guys!