Saturday, June 19, 2010

A day for Sierra

I know this blog is all about Bodie, but I keep telling him he's not the only game in town. So, today's post is all about Sierra. :-) Today, I decided to stay home from the hospital and just focus on Sierra. Since this will likely be the last weekend Bodie is in the CTICU for awhile, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that he has his own nurse 24/7, so I can come home and feel comfortable about it. So today was all about Sierra and doing the stuff most families take for granted. It was a wonderful day.

This morning, we did a playdate with one of her best friends from school, Sofia. God has blessed us with such a great little friend who lives so close to us who also happens to have a super cool mom that I dig as well. The girls played in Fia's backyard and then we all walked to pizza and Bristol Farms for cookies (turns out they give out free cookies to kids - who knew?). (and yes, she insisted on wearing her princess dress the entire time - thanks again for the dress Sara!)
After Sierra's nap, Dusk and I took her to the beach (which we really need to do more often since we live 5 minutes away!), then the park and then out for dinner afterwards. It was a nice reminder of what our family used to be like before we were split between home and hospital. It was refreshing for me and a great thing to do before Bodie goes up to the 6th floor and I can only come home for a couple of hours during the day (and that's only if I can find someone to sit with Bodie so that I can come home).
Even when I'm not at the hospital my mind is never far from it - I call in every 2-3 hours to check in with Bodie's nurse to see how he's doing. Today, he was apparently eating her out of house and home, which is a great thing. But since he hasn't been keeping that pace up at night and has been steadily losing weight, they put the ng tube in to give him his feeds overnight without him having to work for it. Ideally, he'll sleep right through the feeds, giving him the double bonus of calories and extra sleep! I've been worrying about him not gaining weight, so even though he's not the hugest fan of the ng tube, I'm totally ok (thrilled, actually) that they put the it back in, just to help him out for a bit.

Prayer requests for tonight:

1. Bodie's BNP has been kind of all over the place. All of his other stats are great, so please pray that this one comes back down to normal as well.

2. Pray that doing his nightime feeds through the ng tube will be exactly what he needs to turn the corner and start gaining weight.




  1. Dearest Amy, I am so glad to see such a great day with Sierra. That is a blessing. Continued prayers and hugs, Bonnie

  2. Radiant! How truly precious this entry is, thank you, Amy. Keep us on the "Sitting with Bodie" rotation list. Happy Father's Day to Dusk! Love, & Prayers, Jeannette, Mike, Nick & Sabrina

  3. Sierra is so beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful day :) And I can see the happiness in her eyes.
    I wish I could sit with Bodie :) I wish there was something I could do from way out here. But it is good to hear he is moving to the 6th floor, must mean he is slightly improving.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Praying for you all faithfully. God bless you.xoxo, Nairi