Friday, June 25, 2010

Picture Overload

Today, Bodie was so unbelievably smiley. We had a visit from my close friend Gina and she took lots of great pics. Here are just a few:

Flirting with everyone in sight:
Big blue eyes:
I love tummy time...
but man does it make me tired!
I love mommy:

As far as prayer requests go, Bodie responded really well to being put back on the Milrinone and his sweating has almost stopped entirely - praise God!!! His BNP went way down and his weight went back up a bit, so the doctors were really happy. This afternoon he was a little fussy and not quite as interested in eating. He's also drooling like nobody's business, so there's a good chance it's teething. But with these heart kiddos, little things like fussiness and a slightly decreased appetite can be indicators that something is seriously wrong. Please pray that it's just teething and his appetite picks back up! He also had blood in his stool earlier today, so there is some concern that his c-diff may be back (seriously, can this kid puhlease stop catching infections???). Please pray that the blood was a one-time thing and not c-diff.


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  1. Amy, still praying for Bodie all the time. Milosh was successfully weaned off milrinone this week and was a super sweaty guy for a few days. He seems to be getting better. His BNP was 16 this week. I can remember when it was in the 40thousands. Our little guys are so tough and continue to amaze, teach lessons and touch lives. Glory to God!