Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On the floor!

We are officially on the step-down floor now - one step closer to home! Yay!!! Bodie pulled out his ng tube this morning, and, since he had taken in way more calories than needed the last 2 days, they left it out!!! And they let us drop the 12am feed and said we can just do one feed (orally) during the night now. What a total answer to prayer!

So, as far as I understand it, this is what stands in our way of going home at the moment:
1. Feeding: Bodie needs to maintain an intake of at least 20oz by mouth a day. He's done closer to 30 in the past, but he's still a bit weak, so even 20 is a lot for him right now. Please pray that his stamina increases so that he can take more in at each feeding.

2. Sedation weaning: Bodie is on 2 small doses a day of Morphine and Adavan right now. Please pray that the pain team comes up with a realistic wean schedule and, more importantly, that Bodie tolerates the wean well.

3. Heart rate issues: Bodie has been having episodes of tachycardia (I think I spelled that wrong, but it's late - sorry), where his heart rate will jump to 190 or 200. He's always had very short (2-5 minute) episodes of this (they think it's related to the genetic issue), but the last few days they've lasted 25-30 minutes each time. If they decide to treat it, they'll probably put him on a beta blocker. Please pray that they determine how best to treat this.

Thanks as always!
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  1. My Bodie. I can't tell you how gorgeous I think you are, my baby! :o) I'm so happy that you are at the step down unit. I am praying for you faithfully and so are your friends Sawyer and Hunter (and Faith too!) :o) Keep getting well, my love. I can't wait to see you. I really miss you, baby. Sleep with angels tonight and get stronger soon! And, dear Amy, you spelled tachycardia perfectly (praying that he won't have those anymore)! I think you may be a semi-cardiologist by the time Bodie's older! :o) Great job on all the medical terms and the meds... we love you all and are praying for your specific requests. God Bless You and kisses to my Bodie. Love, Nairi and family

  2. Good news! One step closer to the door! :) Praying they get everything figured out so you can go home! :)
    Heart hugs,
    Jenny (mom to Aly-HLHS)

  3. I love his little shirt -- Bodie IS a major cutie!

  4. Amy, We've never met but I heard about Bodie's need for blood donations last February through a friend of a friend of one of your friends (whew!) on facebook. Living in OC, it was easy to make the drive to LA and donate a pint of my O neg - so I did. I come here regularly to check on Bodie and I'm so happy that he's doing well! Please know you have lots of prayers being sent on behalf of your family from people you've never even met.

    Best wishes for your whole family,

  5. Amy that is terrific news and seriously what a cutie he is and so happy!!! Will continue to pray for Bodie! Nicole