Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The ties that bind

Tonight, we are so grateful for our family and praying for our family members hurting and facing physical challenges.

In our immediate little family, Bodie is doing well, but has hit a little road bump. Since they turned off his Milrinone yesterday (the only heart med he was on - it helps with squeeze and dilation to get the blood to the entire body), Bodie has been sweating on and off pretty profusely. They were planning on sending us to the step down floor today, but decided to wait and watch him. They're not sure whether all of the eating he's been doing is having an effect or whether he's just dependent on Milrinone right now. They're slowing down his feeds a bit and will watch him overnight. If he's still sweating (and his BNP has gone up), they'll probably put him back on the Milrinone and keep him in the cticu. (He can't go to the step-down floor on any drips, including Milrinone.) So, he definitely needs prayer for the sweating issue. Pray that his little body just needs to adjust and that we'll start to see a huge improvement.

Sierra is doing much better. She has been having so much fun getting to know Bodie and he is finally over his fear of her and is totally enthralled by her. It's so cute to watch. I caught a few pics today of them "playing."

Sierra (in the blue gown the nurses gave her so that she wouldn't have to wear the annoying yellow gown anymore) giving Bodie his toys:

Bodie just STARING at Sierra:

Bodie smiling at Sierra:

Bodie's first picture with Sierra's lovey, Tigger (those of you who know Sierra personally understand what a HUGE deal this is that she was willing to share Tigger with him!):

And, with a heavy heart, I need to ask for prayer for a few other family members.

First up, Dusk's brother Paul:
Paul was just diagnosed with kidney stones. YUCK. From what I hear, passing them is more painful than childbirth. They've put him on oxycontin to help, but I think we all know he could use a little prayer to get him through.

And secondly, my mom Nancy:
You all know my mom from my previous posts (if you didn't already know her personally), because she has been our saving grace the last 4 months, coming down and staying with us for weeks on end to try to help us maintain some sense of normalcy. My mom had breast cancer in her right breast in 1999 and had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. She then had kidney cancer in 2007 and had her kidney removed 2 days after Sierra was born. Well, they discovered 3 suspicious lesions in her left breast last week and confirmed via biopsy Monday that they are cancerous. :-( My mom is an amazing woman and such a fighter and we have no doubt she will make it through this bout with flying colors as well. The only question is how grueling the treatment will be to get to the other side. The good news is that the lesions are small (less than 1cm each) and are encapsulated (i.e. the cancer does not appear to be invasive). She has not met with the surgeon yet, but was told by her doctor that most surgeons will not do a lumpectomy for more than one lesion, but will instead do a masectomy. Please pray this is not the case and that they can do the least invasive surgery possible to remove the lesions. Pray also for my mom's spirit right now. She has such an amazing, positive spirit, but it's a lot to take in.

Thank you all, prayer warriors!


  1. Dearest Amy - We lift your extended family up in prayer. Your mom is amazing and I pray God wraps His arms around her peace, strength and even joy during this time. Send her my love and prayers. Love, Bonnie

  2. Hi - SO happy I got to see you Amy and Bodie on Monday. I wish I could have spent more time there but Townes was not too patients after waiting for three hours for the appt. =o) Will be praying lots for your entire family. Your mom is such a special person and know she will pull through this but will say extra prayers for her. Love, Sara and Family

  3. Dear Amy,
    I pray for Bodie and your family each time I pray for Milosh - let me tell you, that's a lot. Our lives share similar experiences. Milosh's milrinone was tuned off Tuesday. B/c it is off, and his heart function has improved he is now on the inactive heart transplant list! Every night I used to pray for a new heart for Milosh. Every day I patiently waited for God's plan to unfold. Today I know that during those long 3 months we were not suppose to hear the pager go off. Faith in the Lord carried me through, as it does you. He can, and does, perform miracles as you very well know. I will keep praying for them.
    Brie (Feb.DDC from JM)

  4. You got it girl! I pray for your family. '

    I absolutely adore all of the pictures you post and the one of Bodie gazing at Sierra is wonderful!