Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to the world, sweet Michael

Remember my last post about how the world keeps going on even though our life has come to a halt? Well, prime example of one of the beautiful ways life keeps on keeping on - through the miracle of birth!

My older brother Matthew and his amazing wife Valerie welcomed their first child today, a beautiful baby boy named Michael William Gerrish. The peanut was 5lb13oz and 20in long and cute as a button! I got to see him this evening and celebrate this miracle of life. I know you are all Bodie followers, but this news was too big not to share with you! Here are some pics of the sweetness:
Beautiful boy:
Proud papa:
Me getting in on the snuggling action:
CONGRATULATIONS Matt and Val! We could not be more excited for you!!!


  1. Congrats, auntie Amy! How cute is the baby! :o)

    My Bodie. I am praying for you, my love. Get well soon... sleep with angels. Big hugs: Nairi

  2. My Bodie.

    I love you.

    Sending you a lot of LOVE and prayers today.

    God Bless You.